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Ultimate Card Games (GBA) – Complete Soundtrack

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Composer: Zbigniew Siatecki
Game: Ultimate Card Games
Platform: GameBoy Advance
Recorded with VisualBoyAdvance (with “Low Pass Filter” enabled (because I couldn’t figure out how to rip the entire OST in high quality)).

Happy 16th anniversary, Ultimate Card Games!
May 25, 2004 – May 25, 2020


0:00 – Track 01: Sunrise
4:17 – Track 02: Winter Morning
7:20 – Track 03: Summer Rain
11:31 – Track 04: Amazon Queen
15:41 – Track 05: Waterfall
19:00 – Track 06: Blossom Time
23:25 – Track 07: Starlight
26:42 – Track 08: Dolphin Play
29:26 – Track 09: Twilight
31:02 – Track 10: Underwater Sun
33:55 – Track 11: Ice Tower
37:22 – Track 12: Voyage
39:47 – Track 13: Cronologica
42:56 – Track 14: Alice


  1. i was just playing this again this morning for the first time in a while and i dont even know why lol. theres so many other ways i could play these card games in 2024 and yet i keep coming back to ultimate card games. i swear its gotta be that soundtrack.

  2. I've been looking into Zbigniew Siatecki's other work, and I've discovered that some of the tracks on here are actually reworks of songs he published a few years earlier! If you look for his modules "My teddy bear", "little kate" and "I love you", they're earlier versions of Dolphin Play, Twilight, and Underwater sun, respectively. (It's possible there are more out there as well, I haven't made my way through everything yet.). Figured people might be interested!

  3. If anybody knows how to rip the entire OST, please let me know. I'll then make an updated version of this video with a higher quality OST.
    EDIT 1/4/2023: Good news. After some careful consideration, I've decided to release the entire soundtrack via a MEGA link. You can find it in the description.

  4. The game is awful but these tunes are just awesome 😊👍

  5. One of the most underrated GBA soundtracks, the composers went hard on this for no reason haha. I hope these people continued to work in the industry because this is great music!

  6. Nostalgia's greatest card games of all time

  7. OMG where did You find the landscapes? I've been searching them and I can't find those awesome pics, by the way great Job!!!

  8. THANK YOU. Mother bought this for me ages ago, and was blown away by this soundtrack. Loved it ever since!

  9. there is a game on 3DS called Classic Games Overload: Card & Puzzle Edition made by the same people… and has all the same music. You might be able to get a rip from those or even better recordings.

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    Zbigniew Siatecki G

  12. took a while to make this connection but this reminds me a lot of pilotredsun's music

  13. ChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And Supporter says:

    G O D T I E R G A M E A N D T R A C K !

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