Ultimate Squad Ban List Creates Huge Meta Changes! - Dragon Ball Super Card Game - c4gamingstudio.com

Ultimate Squad Ban List Creates Huge Meta Changes! – Dragon Ball Super Card Game

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Let me know what you think about these changes in the comments!

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  1. I have always found it funny how a company creates a card they knew damn well would be an issue then cry when no one plays anything else

  2. This why I quit this game that gogeta came out while ago and gold stamped now errata 😂 how game has fallen

  3. I hope you come up with a updated list for ssg trunks after banlist, because i need ideas im cracking my head trying rto see what to add…

  4. I think secret identity is more because it kills tokens and towa swarms tokens so they are hitting so it doesn’t kill the deck playability

  5. Ss4 bardock should have been limited if they were going to hit it since they just reprinted it!!! Why reprint something just for it to get banned?!

  6. I am sad Gogeta Thwarting the Dark Empire was limited since it was my ace card in my SS4 Bardock deck. I guess I will need to buy the SS4 version of Thwarting.

  7. My KidKu, Rainbow Bardock, and RG Nappa all got hurt by this list. I’m not mad because it’s understandable. Syn and Yellow not getting touched surprised me quite a bit.

  8. Overall, I am very happy with this. This is what Green really needed! 🤣


    Their reasoning behind these choices is what I disagree with. If you are going to tell us that these changes are because you want to “encourage diversity in choice” you also need to show/give us cards that can act as somewhat comparable/suitable replacements. If Piccolo Jr. has been the universal go-to Unison for Red decks since set 12 (we are now entering set 17) you had 4 sets to design a Red Unison that could be a suitable replacement for Piccolo Jr. but such a card doesn’t exist. Same with the Secret ID and FaF. If you’re banning for the sake of diversity of card choice, you NEED to present other suitable options.

  9. New player to the game that just went in on black archetypes and now I’m not sure what to do

  10. The A17 was supposed to be two red, not this.

  11. I’m honestly just annoyed because we just got the Fighting Against Fate reprint a few months ago and now we can’t use the nice Gold stamps :/

  12. This makes me lose my confidence investing money into this game

  13. No surprises on the ban list except that there is a ban list

  14. Damn, reprinting cards like FaF & SS3 Thwarting to just hit them later, very Konami move Bandai 😂

  15. Damn this is a crazy and unexpected ban list! It'll be interesting to see how these changes will the affect the decks hit.

  16. Everyone should've seen some kind of errata coming to the A17, the fact they tried to change how the English language works means the way it is played prior to this errata is nowhere near how it was meant to be played

  17. Killing Piccolo Jr. completely kills KP as a whole, as now Cymbal has no target for his effect either.

  18. They don't want all these free beatsticks coming down
    looking at syn shenron

  19. Not a fan of the over realm hits, but like you said hopefully it ends up being better for the game

  20. Awesome video, respectable opinion. Reset the meta and play with the new cards. I’m okay with the challenge.

  21. Bandai finally did something on their own instead of just basing their choices on crybabies

  22. I heard that we're supposedly getting Vegito xeno in the next couple of sets. If that's the case, I can see why they hit marvelous might

  23. I'm actually kind of surprised that the blue baby unison didn't get hit.

  24. I'm just a casual invoker player minding my own business when bandai strikes down their mighty hammer out of left field shaking my deck to its core. I pray answers lie in BT19 lmao

  25. Problem I have is Bandi is reprinting cards, peoples spend crazy amounts off money to play these cards in big tournaments. I understand when a deck is overpowered by one card but sometimes Bandi just bands cards for no reason. They will lose players if this continues. I love this game but I hate when they do this.

  26. Great coverage – 1 issue, the website has Piccolo Jr, Uni listed under limited but the description states “this is why we decided to BAN this card”. Is it limited or banned?

  27. This banlist is just bandai saying, "hey we have other cards too. They might not be good but they're there so play them instead of good stuff."

  28. As a new player its hard to keep up with what cards are good. You think you could make a video with other cards to use in place of the ones on the ban/errata list. Thanks in advance👍🏼

  29. This banlist is the proof that they want to move all dbs people to one piece! This was really a stupid bullshit from bandai. They could so much better with all this cards(errata the piccolo etc..) the only good thing was banning “against fate”

  30. Lots of random stuff but happy with it regardless

  31. In my opinion, they shouldnt have touched Invoker so quickly. At least let the people who love this deck enjoy some Ws, get some pay off their investment, then you can give them the axe. I hate when they kill decks this fast.

  32. Honestly didn’t see the need to hit blue, it’s not doing anything crazy right now

  33. Black is in a constant loop of becoming really good then getting gutted🤕

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