Various Face Card Games Scene | Alice in Borderland 2 -

Various Face Card Games Scene | Alice in Borderland 2

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  1. So much emphasis was put on establishing that the heart games are the most horrible suit and yet they show the king of hearts as a montage

  2. I was hoping that there was a full montage if the jack of clubs, it looked really interesting.

  3. I'm so curious to know what game the King of Hearts was.

  4. I think the first game, the dodge ball game is the queen of clubs. It’s the only one that did not appear

  5. This montage was cool, but some of these games deserved to be fully shown. Especially the King of Hearts, that looked cool af

  6. The J of diamonds (mahjong) had a long game in the manga but in live action they showed only 20 seconds of it

  7. What is the music of Jack of Diamonds game?

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