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War of the Ring: The Card Game Review: What about Second War of the Ring?

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Roy & Chris take a look at War of the Ring: The Card Game!

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Overview 1:11
Review 15:59

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  1. Now do Against the Shadow… And a playthrough..

  2. This is not a long game if you have played a lot of games. After 10 games, your average game with 9 paths will be 1-1,5 hours depending on how many times you used Gandalf the Grey, Strider, and Smeagol. Nice video!

  3. Not the nicest art and boring game play. Thanks god I dont have to buy it. 🙂

  4. My current favourite 4 player experience, also so rare to have a team vs team experience in board games

  5. Zee needs to teach this. Roy talks too fast.

  6. Nice video, thanks for the review. A couple things to note: Your fingernails are distracting. I'd suggest either repainting them or removing the paint altogether, or perhaps even wear gloves (I've seen many video reviews doing this). The cards were in better focus while they were on the table. Each time you picked up a card to move it closer to the camera, there was a long delay for it to come into focus. But we could already see the icons and numbers clearly while it was on the table.

  7. I give it a 10 to this duo, Roy & Chris. Would like to see more of this!

  8. Forgotten door? That must be the door in Tom's videos in the past people forgot to shut. 😜

  9. The game is good fun but there's a problem that unless I was distracted wasn't mentioned. This game needs all players to be familiar with the cards and system otherwise it really affects the game balance. Great if you can get regular players but not for those who can't.

  10. All playthroughs of this game really feel like advanced smash up. Just playing cards often to have a majority at a location. Or put in reserve to play at a later location. I could be way off but this seems like the sort of game where the theme is driving up ratings. Because gameplay wise I can't see anything special. It seems a lot like marvel snap and smash up

  11. Well I did not think I needed this, now I am unsure.

  12. I am still not convinced that Roy didn't review this game only to have an excuse to use his sword🤣

  13. Guys I'm sorry if I've missed it – is it even worth it to play it with less than 4 players?

  14. "You have my sword"
    "And my…blue hammer?!"

    Noooo. Come on guys! Why would you say that? You guys are totally…ah who am I kidding? Let your dork flag fly, gents.

  15. This was a huge letdown. It feels so limiting and restrictive. Super frustrating. You need to learn the decks to get better but until then it’s a rocky experience. Also, it absolutely sucks at 2.

  16. 18:25 War of the Rings: The Chicken Game.
    I would buy that.
    The evil Saurooster vs Hendalf the grey.

  17. Would be interesting to see what Roy thinks of Quartermaster General…

  18. I always love reviews from this pair I may have to check this one out as War of the Ring is one of the few big epic ones I keep coming back to

  19. Did no one else have component issues? I had white spots on some of the free card backs and a purple ink smudge on a shadow card. And i swear some of backs are a different shade from others in the same deck.

  20. Great review. I’m excited to play this. Bought it due to my love of LOTR and the fact I own war of the ring and am starting to think I’ll never get it played, as much as the thought excites me.

  21. GrEEEEEEma wormtongue. MEEEEEEEEnas Tireth 😉

  22. What an excellent duo and well done overview. Roy's tastes trend to align so well with my own, and Chris's focus on mechanisms over just aesthetics helps to temper my natural focus on the shiney bits.

    I had been a bit disappointed as I actually bought this game on accident (don't ask a 19 year old to pick up the 'new Lord of the Rings card game' while he's at the FLGS without being more precise) and haven't gotten it to the table yet, but y'all have me excited to give it a spin.

  23. Cool. Now can Roberto Di Meglio, Marco Maggi and Francesco Nepitello get back to designing WotR Kings of Middle-Earth and HftR Light and Shadow? Please and thank you.

  24. DIsagree that it's equally good to play 2 player with the Free People and Shadow decks at 60 cards, versus 2 players each playing two handed with the 30 card decks. Mushing the Free People and Shadow into one deck immediately felt to me like a poor man's cousin to the real game.

  25. Love this game. LOVE IT. Play two-handed, as two players.

  26. Great overview and review, gents! War of the Ring: The Card Game is definitely a fantastic take on the original board game. I’ll play it with you any time! <3

  27. Nice overview of the game. I would absolutely love to try this game, but I fear it it far too much text to introduce to second-language-English neighbours.

    Aside: Roy if you are going to have your hands so prominently displayed in a video perhaps a fresh coat of polish ; )

  28. Got this game at Essen last year, and had a blast playing it. Personally I loved it at 2 player count as well, and I have played WOTR multiple times, read most of Tolkein's books.

    Yes, the cards which you get will matter, but still there is sufficient strategy and immersive gameplay. Initially it might feel the Free People have an advantage in the early game, but the Shadow can catch up mid-way. Do note that this is indeed a long game, and can easily take 3+ hours to finish.

    Thank you for your reviews Dice Tower. My personal tastes align completely with Roy's. WOTR The Card Game is a solid 9/10 in my books.

  29. I can forgive the Dune'dan' slip but 'you'ruk hai was too much! Otherwise great video hehe

  30. For the solo players out there, their is supposed to be a single player version available in the next expansion.

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