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War of the Ring: The Card Game | Shea’s Final Thoughts

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A video outlining gameplay for the boardgame War of the Ring: The Card Game.

For more game info,

Part I: Gameplay Runthrough

Part II: Final Thoughts

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  1. Thank you for the video!I received this as a gift from my family. I think it will be a very good option when we only have a couple of hours to play.When we have 3-6 hours, WOTR the board game is still my #1 choice for the Epic feel, middle Earth map, moving tactile pieces, and the decision cards.I like the choice between this lighter quicker card version vs. wanting to spend more time on a heavier version that gets deeper into the LOTR theme.

  2. Loved this as a four player experience, played today

  3. We sold back the board game (too long & too complicated) but we LOOOVE this card game! TY for the review!

  4. Watched a few different videos for this one and can't wait. For me, 2 player definitely looks better playing two handed. Can't wait to do it myself. Full control, full focus with both decks.

  5. Too bad this wasn't designed with 2p in mind first and foremost. Looks like an afterthought to me and definitely loses some of the magic.

  6. Great overview and review! I am a huge LOTR fan and have been wondering about this card game. Sounds like one I definitely want to give a try.

  7. What is the difference between forsaken and eliminated. Seems like 2 keywords for the same action which I imagine could be confusing for new players when trying to teach

  8. Nice. What is your expected average play time of this using 4 players? Or 2 players managing 2 decks.

  9. I pre-ordered this game, waiting for it to arrive. But watching the playthrough of it, I have a question: isn't the game a bit bland, maybe even boring at times? it seems all you are doing is playing cards either in front of you or on a battle card/path, and then you check who has more strenght. How about replayability, does it hold up in that regard?

  10. My longest game of War of the Ring lasted 3,5 hours because it was my first game. Now we finish it in 2-2,5 hrs every time

  11. I really enjoy Lord of The Rings.

    I have played this game once, and I have to say it gave me no sense of story whatsoever, sure, the ability of certain characters make some thematic sense, but that's about it. The gameplay was fine enough, card luck draw has too much impact for me to buy it, but I'll play a game.
    And 2 player will definitely not be as good, it really is a 4p game only.

  12. Hey I have a rules question.
    In Combat step, the text reads that the starting player chooses which combat to resolve first (presumably this means between the path and any battleground(s))

    Then under victory conditions it says "after combat is fought on the last path(!) of a scenario, the team with the highest score wins "

    does this read that if you chose to resolve path combat prior to battleground combat during the round in which the last path is fought, that the battleground combat would not take place before final scoring?

  13. Great video, much appreciated. As a WotR and Quartermaster General fan, this became a must-buy when it hit my radar, and your video confirms this was the right choice!

  14. I really enjoyed this video for multiple reasons. First, I just picked up the pre-order and am going to play it this weekend. Second I know your video's mostly for your fast how to play, well scripted and well performed video's. To see you in a more rambling manner, looking for words to do justice to what you feel, was fun to see. And third it makes me even more enthusiastic to play this game! Thanks!

  15. It does seem like the first few turns are dull as its luck of the draw, until you establish a board in the reserve area

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