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We Rank The Guardian Melee Weapons! (Arkham Horror: The Card Game)

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When Travis is away Bryn and Justin will….. rank more weapons in Arkham Horror?

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  1. I don't know how you feel Cyclopean hammer isn't fun. I've play it on Leo and Lily, so far. Fighting with 7-10+ fist without having to commit cards is pretty darn fun.

  2. The Hungering Blade, while might not be that good, is damn fun. My Lily Chen double blading the Hungering and the Enchanted Blades or pairing it with the Scroll of Prophecies/Secrets for card draw looked so cool in my head

  3. One time we see Butterfly sword REALLY shine is in Scarlet Keys, where you basically don't waste any damage and a king at exposing cards.

  4. Early campaign, Joe Diamond appreciates the L0 Sledgehammer as a backup weapon. He's really limited on weapons at L2 Guardian, but the Sledge at least gives him a respectable +2 fight option, and he can uniquely equip it under his handguns, and still have room to equip a magnifying glass..

  5. I'm surprised the upgraded Thompson didn't make the cut

  6. Lily Chen with Butterfly Swords, Galvanise, and her agility discipline is a good time.

  7. Butterfly swords when you have Lita Chantler is sick. Like, one extra damage for each attack, but you get to attack twice for one action.

  8. It's worth noting that my brother and I played 2 player with Joe Diamond Fighting with butterfly swords with Jaqueline cluing in innsmouth (on hard no less). Both were flex, but having several attacks to commit vicious blows to with meant the burst damage potential in one action was still good. There's also surprisingly few ways to consistently deal 3 damage in 1 action with 2xp cards (and if you're doing 4 or 5 damage, you'd need 2 or 3 actions anyway, although if you're doing 5 you should be committing vicious blow to do it in 1 action anyway)

    Overall this is probably more of a reflection of playing in 2 player, with 2 flex characters but i was honestly surprised at how well the card held up on joe. It legit plays better than it looks.

  9. What's that t-shirt Justin is wearing? Some zoo, or?

  10. So if i use enchant weapon on enchanted blade it becomes an enchanted enchanted blade?

  11. I think the 5 cost for Cyclopean Hammer is mitigated by stick to the plan and ever vigilant. I still run that in every single guardian I build because its just too efficient and I am boring lol.

    Great video though! I would maybe do another video where you rank green, red and neutral Melee weapons together? That way you could give people advice on when to go for timeworn brand since they dont have access to higher level guardian cards in red and green.

  12. A video I've been waiting for! As a big fan of Mark this is super interesting. I would love to hear your thoughts
    on: level 2 Survival Knife + 1 good firearm vs Flamethrower. Which one is better? Or should we transition from one to another?

    Thanks mate!

  13. Rank your favorite snack to eat while playing Arkham

  14. "Do you want a machete, or…..
    😱tHe HuNgErInG bLAdE?!😱"

    "Uhhh… machete plz 🥴"

  15. I have a question about cyclopean hammer. As I understand it doesn't do 3 dmg to elite enemies? But when I listened to you guys it sounded like it does?

  16. Survival knife deserves #1, free actions are just so powerful.

  17. Mocking the Messiah who died for the sins of the world is deeply offensive…. Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

  18. To be honest, I will be surprised if Runic Axe never gets taboo'ed. It's so good and versatile and there are no weapons I would pick over it as a main.

  19. The unique selling point of the Butterfly Swords lv2 is that it's the only XP costing weapon that then can be levelled up again. Meaning that instead of having to spend your first 10xp on your lv5 weapons you only have to spend 4xp up front and you can hold of on the remaining 6 until later in the campaign when the enemies start scaling up.

  20. Blackjack: if that enemy has dealt damage to another investigator since the end of the last investigator phase, deal +1 damage

  21. Definitely do Rouge and Survivor! Would love to see that.

  22. What is next for arkham? Any news or rumors?

  23. Upgraded Survival Knife is part of the reason I want Return To boxes to return.

  24. I’m sure you’ve already heard, but next week a Parallel Investigator is being announced… I have a gut feeling your love saga w/ Jim Culver is to be continued 😅

  25. My only problem with survival knife, is if the enemy has retaliate. If I fail, i'm just getting smacked twice.

  26. Butterfly swords is a bit better in TSK since it can reveal two concealed cards with the two attacks.

  27. Axe is amazing, and it was so underrated when it first came out (iirc even by this channel) because it wasn't as flashy as the other ones.

  28. Great video super informative

    I'm starting a TFA campaign in 4 players ,I'm Lili Chen and the main fighter . I started with 2 dragon pole 2 enchanted blade and 2 brand of cthuga (1) as my weapons. I don't have return to dunwich so can't play super bandolier. But I'm still gonna go for my best impression of Grevious using butterfly swords. It's just. That art. I wanna play them so bad

    Even tho they won't do much more than the dragon pole is doing at level 0 .

  29. I love the fact that Sledgehammer (4) gains 5 pounds of steel vengeance compared to the level 0 version.

  30. What about both levels boxing gloves?!?!?
    Or is that your secret #1 and 2 on the Patron-only list? 😂

  31. Sledgehammer level 5 in Leo Anderson. Full stop. All the actions you'll ever need

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