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We turned BTD 6 into a CARD GAME!

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We turned BTD 6 into a CARD GAME!
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In today’s challenge Sabre and Tewtiy will be presented with three cards every so often. When that happens they must choose a card or lose their lives. But all of these cards suck! Will this card game be the end of them or will they overcome this difficulty!?

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  1. Is the double cash a mod or a knowledge point?

  2. 8:15 Here’s what happened. Sabre lost almost all of his lives from bloons, then died because of the cards draining lives.

  3. Sabre got two free resets dude that's not fair.

  4. thought it was going to be like btd battles 1 defense

  5. Tewtiy and bare not realizing that the entire thing can be yoloed by bottom path beast handler.

  6. I think the reason it didn’t send a moab when it was clicked was because the game kept track of the game you lose. It counted those rounds or something

  7. Tewity not playing with 2x money?!????!!!

  8. "you came so fast, thats the fastest you ever came"🧐

  9. Spread the gospel you never know when Jesus is coming back and have an amazing day God bless you all

  10. I think this would be better if it was like a normal card game where you have powers and ability’s and you and your opponent draw or play cards every 3 minutes or something like that hopefully this comment is early enough so we get this video like so Tewbre can see this

  11. Everyone stop hating on Tewbre tewity beat easy chimps and got to round 96 chimps on a extreme map and beat a round 80 B.A.D that was buffed

  12. me and two of my friends are working on turning BTD6 into Pokemon cards right now, its almost done! I plan on doing a BTD6 pokemon card battle for my birthday too!

  13. Infinite IQ play: If you don't choose a card you drain lives right. So if we get a monkey wall street and spirit of the forest then you don't have to pick a card and you will never lose (unless the bloons get by)

  14. Btw sabre clicked +10 rounds when it "auto sellected". Btw great video

  15. If you give sabre three options of main Towers ninja monkey Super Monkey or banana Farm I think we can all guess which one he'll pick hint banana Farm

  16. Funny thing is, Ninjakiwi did this idea, years ago, in battles 1

  17. bro this show how better tewtiy's stat was. he was supposed to beat a ZOMG at round 80 but he beated a BAD at round 80. also tewtiy had like 25 debuffs by all three round debuffs combined

  18. Sabre doesn’t wanna place a banana farm!?!?!?

  19. I like that ninja monkey's pet is a ninja kiwi

  20. Today I just beat Impopable on dark castle AND yesterday I got my second black border. My inspiration comes from you guys… thank you.

  21. Tewtiy Knew I Wanted To See A Big Thicc BAD

  22. Bro got auto selected skip 10 rounds😂😂😂

  23. btd card battles but you can’t see the opponent and the cards are swapped

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