WEIRD Pokémon Card Gifting CHALLENGE -

WEIRD Pokémon Card Gifting CHALLENGE

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Can I complete this WEIRD Pokemon gift-giving challenge? Let’s see!

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Here are the vendors from Etsy for the gifts in this video:

Gift 1:
Gift 2:
Gift 3:
Gift 4:
Gift 5:
Gift 6:

Happy holidays and seasons greetings from my family, and the Deep Pocket Monster family, to yours!

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  1. Yeah…not sure how you thought those first two gifts for your daughter would be 5s 😂 You nailed it with the Eevee necklace, though, so cute! Glad to see wholesome family entertainment. Happy Holidays!

  2. Him playing the trumpet 🎺 pov:Plays youtube trumpet💅🏻😂🤣🤣🤣

  3. I love your videos I think they’re awesome❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. I think you’re the best you tuber in the world

  5. It is cool that your son Play trumpet I play the clarinet

  6. I need help! I bought a package on Amazon shining fates and crimson invasions. The packs where resealed. When I open them the cards they where damaged and they clearly had glue. I was waiting for a month for it to deliver and was very disappointed. The seller was non-stop-gaming. I need help getting these scammer off Amazon. Thanks pat!

  7. Tell your son that I I have a golden Pikachu and a first edition Charizard golden

  8. Should 100% give him thicc charzard every year until he finds it funny. On that day he is become man.

  9. It's crazy how you can look at your kids and you and see both of them in you personally it's an amazing feeling when I see pictures of my daughter and shes turned a certain way or the camera catches her in a way that I see myself honestly never felt a better feeling in my entire life

  10. Hi Pat, I've always wanted more V's and EX's for my collection. When is your next giveaway?

  11. Mr. doggy I couldn’t find the name says:

    I love small stuff

  12. You should do a challenge where you have 24 hours to complete the detective pikachu set jumbos i cluded

  13. I think the walking piracy disturbed your daughter 😂😂😂

  14. I like the thick Charizard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Hey sorry I might sound rude but I have a not a really good pokemon card collection and I would love to be in one of your videos😃

  16. I’m buying a holo dark raichu for 100$ is it worth it

  17. This was a fun challenge to see. Not only were you testing your self so you could win the challenge. You showed how well you know you kids and that is just awesome!!!! Loved the video!!! Keep doing what your doing!!

  18. I would love too send you some of my favourite Pokémon cards but idk where to send this so I wanted too ask you how can I send you this?

  19. I Have A Challenge For You Try To Complete Sun And Moon Burning Shadow (including charizard gx rainbow) In 23 Hours And 59 Minutes And 59seconds good. Luck (:<

  20. youve been nominated by Jays Corner TCG for the PokeSpice Challenge !!!

  21. dude! what even was that PikaDog thing hahahaha…. omfg xD

  22. At the end of the video when kai made that seal sound it got me on the floor 🤣

  23. bro can i get a pikachu vmax card thanks love you

  24. Love this video Pat! I love gift giving as well so this one definitely resonated with me😎 I hope to be a dad like you when my time comes, wholesome content!❤️

  25. Pat what day of the week do you're videos come out

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