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What Happened to Trading Card Games?

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Demand for trading cards and sports cards has exploded over the past several months, and stores can’t even keep the cards on their shelves. This video will explore what happened in the trading card/sports card world, how we got here, and what direction we’re headed if things continue to trend in this direction.

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  1. My local card shop is making bank! He told me hes pulling in about $6000 on some days

  2. I pulled a ghost rare winged dragon of ra from two blister packs. So not too hard to pull. Lol of course that’s super lucky ! I recorded it so I’ll up load a video within two weeks. Been too lazy lol

  3. "Americans specifically received thousands of dollars in stimulus money" excuse me everyone else in the world got actual stimulus money by comparison?

  4. I got back into Pokemon back in March for me it's the thrill of the hunt I usually buy a 4 dollar pack and limit myself to no more than 20 dollars I just want to enjoy the hunt for the cards it's not about the money for me

  5. My target stopped stocking yugioh and pokemon cards,but kept magic gathering thats good for magic players but like I have to go to gamestop only on fridays because that is the day they stock it because they never have barely any cards

  6. Thanks I didn't know what was happening i started buying singles years ago because I just build decks for fun. Support your locals, if you're building and active they'll even watch for certain cards to come through for you and give you deals.

  7. I would support my local game store if it wasn't for the ridiculous price gouging that most of them do.

  8. From personal experience, I can tell you that you shouldn't be buying trading cards to try to make a profit. I recently purchased multiple boxes to build my rogue blue eyes deck and to bolster my drytron deck and after $350, I could probably resell all the cards I got for a total of $240. It's not about gambling for a profit. Buy cards to play the game and if you pull something worth value, that's just a plus. That's simply my opinion though.

  9. You make a great point however you neglect to understand the value in the excitement of scratching a lotto ticket. obviously its a horrible investment but it's fun. thinking you will get rich with scratches or booster packs is idiotic. Hording in the hopes of rising prices is not without it's risks either, this coming from someone who years ago threw away boxes of what were once rather valuable pogs…. yes, pogs and slammers, you'll probably have to look that one up.

  10. Proffessor at tolarian community college youtube channel actually plays the booster box game regularly where he buys a box everytime he gets value back from a box he usually just barely manages to make 2 or 3 boxes but he also opens them when they're brand new so they usually price drop hard within a month

  11. I quit magic years ago when they got super woke.

  12. Playing duel links made me want to buy some yu-gi-oh cards again, not for the money but for the love of the game. Also I found my old Dark sage and Nobleman-Eater Bug which made me want to play duel links in the first place.

  13. Yea not going to lie I feel the dispointment when I buy a pack and I don't get the cards I wont it's sucks but i have felt the excitement of getting the card I won't but it's once in a blue moon that happen I would rather just pay the more money to get the card I won't that way at least you know you got it

  14. Great video. I've been developing a card game for a while and the TCG route was always what I wanted it to be but not a viable model as a small scale game. Perhaps TCG could still be an option, especially on the digital front.

  15. I’m surprised that the KC Tournament isn’t hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  16. I use the card entitlement and favoritism and buy all material for 60% off I end my turn

  17. I will never support a greedy lgs. Spending over thousands on yugioh at his store. When I ask for a discount bc I buy a lot of products. He told me to F off bc he always think he will have business.

  18. Pokemon game prices have also risen along with Trading Cards after the pandemic started

  19. Isn't buying packs more nostalgic tho? Like the smell of opening a newly bought Pack, opening said pack, smelling the cards and wanting to see what you pulled. Just buying the card you want sounds kinda boring

  20. people are hoarding sport cars? Damn, i missed the boat on that.

  21. I mean… you can literally call anything that people pay for that’s popular “gambling” if you really want to. Everything pretty much is gambling when you really break it down into how our brains make choices. I think you’re talking about interesting points, but I don’t think that making kids want to try and buy more of something makes it gambling. The only reason its gambling now is because there are easily accessible, semi-kid-friendly videos that break down the high-level mathematics of economic principles behind product oriented design and demand. So sure, now a kid could understand the value and play the game just to acquire the expensive cards… but who are we to say there’s something wrong with that?

    There IS gambling present in most of adult life, and the more outlets kids have to understand that, the more quickly they can get an understanding of capitalist society and start to form opinions and ideas based on experience and make decisions about their inclusion in that system.

  22. Genuinely surprised there aren’t more views on this

  23. Dang Cimos fired up. I've never heard him cuss like that before

  24. I think that was my local Walmart, or at least in my area.

  25. Ok, stop the short bus for a moment. Myself and many other people I know enjoy going to a store whether it be a mom and pop game/comic book store or a big chain store to buy booster packs, starter packs, playing mats, coins, D20's, etc. for our hobbie because we enjoy it. Ya your not wrong, you can go online to buy a single card, but the real excitement is when you open a booster pack to see if you got anything cool or not (you can…trade card(s) with other people if you don't like what you got, hence why it's called "Trading Card" game).

  26. Alternative Title: Economics 102 with Professor Cimoooooooo.

  27. I just like to play the game man. I don't want to collect anything for the sake of just owning it. I just want to say "you've activated my trap card!"

  28. This is coming from a ex YouTuber from way back in the day. If you see any cuts in a video then a crazy pull generally it’s someone manipulating the pulls. And for every video you see someone pull something crazy in a box there are 100 videos out there of shit pulls. That being said don’t open the packs for the money, do it for the fun and enjoyment of the cards. A card that is worth 10 cents can be much more important to you then a 10$ card if you enjoy it.

  29. to be happy was so simple back then. we are all peter pan looking at captain hook and wonder why grow up ?

  30. As an ex MTG player who gave up with the game mostly, one thing i notice is how this rampant buying all these cards until they out of stock has negatively impacted the TCG for everyone, be it a kids birthday or whatever, to people who just play it for fun as a hobbies, but what i dislike are 2 types, the scalper flipper, and the "fake collectors" that manipulate market value of cards, as investment, back when i use to play MTG as a kid i never thought to think alot these first edition beta alpha ect was worth anything all these so called vintage cards from the 90s, i just wanted to play the game with people, TCG have lost its soul and its meaning to the point that its just pieces of cardboard that is money, its not longer Trading, or a game, and i think my generation is to blame for it, 90s kids, we are ones who grew up on this stuff, just like retro gaming, and consoles, we completely destroyed all these things.

  31. i buy sealed because i just like collecting them dont care of its a card worth 300 dollars or 5 bucks i just like the art

  32. GODS UNCHAINED TCG! Bloachchain technology is the future!! Web3 actually own your cards through NFTS!

  33. According to Google trends, tcg games, trading card game, and magic the gathering, have all been going down as far back as 2004.

    Which is a massive indicator that trading card games are not as popular as they used to be not even close.

    Most kids don't want to trade video games with endless multi-player action for a card game you have to find people to play against.

    What has started trending is youtube channels

    What has happened is there are more content creators than before.

    It appears to you there is a "boom" but just like the news channels making people think the world is "super dangerous" you seem to think "oh there's more videos now so card games are more popular"

    No, it's just a bunch of rich people who don't play card games buying up "stocks"

    And a bunch of content creators. .

  34. It just sucks cuz my parents had bought me a shit ton of these TCG cards when I was a kid and they had just came out, then we had to move and I had to dump 5 boxes of 1st edition cards back in 2010 into a donation bin 🙁 hopefully someone who needed them got them

  35. Because of my brother-in-law I recently got back into Pokemon and trading card games in general I primarily buy sealed product because I just think it's fun to open the packs and then for decks I actually want to play I'll buy individuals or I'll just buy the structure deck or whatever comes out

  36. 1. Buy out thousands of dollars worth of cards.
    2. Effectively kill any interest in card game, potentially driving it down into the grave if pushed to the extreme.
    3. Sit on packs of worthless paper that you cannot sell because no one's giving a crap about YGO! because no one could buy cards so no one played it.
    4. Be big Invastah sitting on your glorified toilet paper, forever.

    It's the same shit that happened in 90s with Beanie Babies. People were ready to kill each other over goddamn plushies because they saw it as investment but because all they did is putting them into safes, no one had any attachment or nostalgia towards them and nobody wanted to buy them from these "investors" that were left with storage rooms full of toys that nobody wanted.

  37. Marvelous work! The video is brilliant and provides all the necessary information. I like this your videos. Thanks for sharing this useful post. Thanks for the effective information.

  38. I know this is late, but now Pokemon cards sell SO MUCH more than anything else, especially at Walmart.

  39. He totally right about this. I have gotten VERY luck VERY FEW TIMES! I think my luckiest pulls were in the very beginning when I got a Suijin from MRD, a Mirror Force and a PSV 000 Jinzo (1st ED).
    Other random times when I got a reprinted Cyberdark Dragon from a tin, or when I pulled a Right Arm of Exodia was an LOB, an Unlimited Ed of Black Rose Dragon (from a free pack at the local tournament)
    Past that, Other than buying all 3 forms of Yubel, I bought two booster boxes of Tactical Evolution (when it was the new set) I got both the King and Queen on of the venom monsters. Got the King in one box, the Queen in the other.

    On the same note, but at an earlier time. I bought a total of 3 Force of the Breaker Boxes. NEVER ONCE pulled a Sapphire Pegasus. Never got them until a friend of mine was quitting the game and sold me a couple of his decks.

  40. Hi where do you get this data i need to write a research proposal.

  41. Hi can you give me reference of this article on the web or journals so i can cite it?

  42. I have never considered trying to make money buying trading cards. There are so many better investment options. Mtg and Pokémon have always just been a hobby for me. Even when I was a kid, I bought Pokémon cards not to collect them but to make fun decks. There's a huge disconnect in my head between how I enjoy playing trading card games and how other people view rare cards.

  43. In my school they are still alive and I also play

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