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What Happened to Trading Card Games?

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Demand for trading cards and sports cards has exploded over the past several months, and stores can’t even keep the cards on their shelves. This video will explore what happened in the trading card/sports card world, how we got here, and what direction we’re headed if things continue to trend in this direction.

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  1. Man, this new Digimon TCG looks really cool and fun. I sure hope packs and basic starter decks don't go for insane prices thanks to scalpers.

  2. Also they make it so that you think is almost immidiate to sell back the valuable card, truth is it could take months for very famous card, but for other cards with a 20-40 bucks value is impossibile to sell em if not in said stores ending up in a loss.

  3. Almost as bad, or possibly worse, is my LGS is completely out stock on EVERY single brand, size and colour of card sleeves.

  4. Scalpers that's what happened. Not collectors. Scalpers.
    Btw you people that defend scalpers are part of the problem.

  5. More interested in gambling, than the game itself. They could easily spend their money on other things, and have a higher chance to turn a profit, than they can with TCGs

  6. I just want play the game man -me to the stores that no longer sell yugioh, instead of to my friends first turned me with his blue eyes.

  7. Well that explains why my local Walmart isn’t selling Pokemon cards anymore.

  8. I blame people like Logan Paul for making scalpers cause the Pokémon card shortage.

  9. I got the cool rayquazza from the vivid voltage but it began to warp a bit from me not having it in a card holder 🙁

  10. "Flippers" is just a friendlier name for leeches known as scalppers

  11. Similar things happened here in Indonesia recently. A few months ago a YouTube vlogger made a video of box opening and mentioned that the cards can go at a very high price, especially the Shiny Charizard. So a lot of "normies" got hyped and go booster hunting so they can turn a profit selling high rarity card. Not just that, some of store employee open the packs and resealed them if there's nothing good in there.
    Oh and these packs are being sold at convenient stores(think 7/11).

  12. People got hooked on TCG then they'll get hooked on THC then it will be fentanyl and meth when they realize they should've saved that money when the economic tower collapses.

  13. Ironically one of the commercials for this video was about flipping cards. 🤦🏻 what the crap

  14. People who spent their stimulus on cards used their paper to get more paper

  15. Well not to preach or any thing but the bible did say in the final days the hearts of many would grow cold. Also on the note of obtaining single cards, you could always print the cards you want off from the internet. The hard part is getting the size of the card correct.

  16. No their is very atrict diference between gambling and gotcha in law aceot thats coming into issue now in some countries

    A gotcha is when u alleays win somthing but have a chance of a much better prize

    Gambling is when u put money forth and may win nothing

    Under law things like card games and loot boxes have allways came under gotcha till some angry actovists and karens started bitching to the gov

  17. Local card stores are the flippers. So i stopped buying product til further notice

  18. Kind of ironic that loot boxes in video games were so controversial, when this kind of business model has been used for decades in the trading card community.

  19. I just collect pokemon cards and only gotten a few packs during this year. All i want is the shining fates set..i spend 106 bucks for two elite boxes of shining fates on ebay…i had to bid on the boxes. Each box was 60 bucks when they were suppose to be 35 bucks. Half the sets are over 140 bucks or more..even boosters packs are around that price….😟 most of the stuff on ebay is open boxes and over price. I just want to buy a pack. I rarely buy any packs for years..my husband does the same. Except he is focusing on the newest set which each time he goes to walmart. He gets a strixhaven pack. He gets 1 pack or 2 packs. Mostly after bills are paid and payday. So yeah.

  20. Im just gonna collect cards as a hobby. I do expect some rare cards but not as commonly as people think. Maybe every once in a blue moon. Plus battling others is fun.

  21. Shout out to my guy CyberKnight, always honest and opens every pack, even the bum ones. Team APS does too. Hell they do duels with bunk cards.

  22. Another problem not addressed is that while Big Box stores might sell packs at $4.99, the LGS is selling them at $6+, so why buy 4 packs at the LGS for $24 when I can buy 5 at Big Box for the same price? (Yes I know not all do it, but a majority of LGS sell at a profit based on the contents of the packaging and their "demand")

  23. I've been playing the Pokemon TCG for years, yes, buy singles. I did not build my decks purely on cards I pulled. I do however purchase some sealed product, going to prerelease events helped me a lot to get a feel for the cards in the new sets & showed me how these cards function in an environment where most people are confused so we could talk it out, get help from judges, & so on. From there, I like to open some packs, use what I need, & buy the singles for what I don't yet have. I love opening sealed product, it's a lot of fun but I only splurge on it when I can. I went crazy for Hidden Fates because back when that was new, it was hard to find but I was frequently going to league on Tuesdays so I had people I could trade with, they were aware that I was after the shiny Zygarde GX for my deck since I was running Zygarde for expanded during that point in time, the card itself was still in standard but it has better support in expanded. I ended up buying the shiny as a single since neither me or my friends pulled it but funny story, I saw that the nearby GameStop had the Mew & Mewtwo pin packs before heading over to league, I was picking up a book I ordered from there so I purchased one of the packs to open at league & before opening the first pack, my friend said "yeah, let's see you pull that Charizard" to which I responded with saying it wasn't going to happen & I'd rather get Zygarde anyway. My reaction opening that pack said it all, I did get the shiny Charizard GX which still blows my mind. That's just one occasion, I've opened so many duds over the years. My very first packs were Jungle packs, I don't remember my rares because none of them were holo, I just remember a Butterfree being in my first pack because I thought I was going to forever remember the first rare of my first pack but dumb little me didn't know that it was an uncommon because I assumed the rare would be in the back when it obviously wasn't. From there, I remember getting holo cards didn't happen often but it was worth it the few times it did happen. I fell out of the hobby for a while but jumped back in near the end of the Black & White era, didn't help that I was super lucky with picking up some packs of Plasma Freeze & Plasma Blast, first pack I opened had a full art Deoxys EX in it like that's just dumb luck right there, it doesn't happen often let me assure you, especially during that time when packs were more easily weighed but I got these from Rite Aid & they kept their packs next to the counter so they couldn't be weighed without someone watching to which obviously the staff won't allow so I guess that's a factor towards how I actually had a hit.

  24. I dont think you understand the beauty of opening up a pack of cards without knowing what you're going to get. That's why people do it, people dont have fun buying cards they "need" that's just not fun. People are addicted to the mystery cimoo.

  25. I just bought $117 worth of yugioh singles and that's the only easy I've been buying them. I stopped buying packs once I realized i wasn't getting what I was looking for. I agree with this video 100%. Thank you!

  26. magic the gathering is weirdly everywhere i go. even at stores like walgreens and target i still see them. but pokemon amd yugioh are just gone. a few of my local game shops around me are able to keep some pokemon and yugioh in stock every now and then, but it always makes me feel sad when i see the tcg shelves at stores and they're just empty and not being restocked like they used to be

  27. Welp time to starve the flippers and scalpers out of my business. They can take their ultra rares to their graves for all I care.

  28. Pokemon cards have always been a form of gambling and I stopped buying them both due to the skyrocketing costs but because of the over-saturation and exposure of gimmicks and ‘rare’ types of cards. Pulling a full art or similar means nothing when there’s hundreds in every gen now. Same goes for gold cards and so on.

  29. Digimon cards have gone up a bit. And scalpers are having a blast.

  30. I've stopped buying TCG entirely. I used to be an avid Pokémon collector and player but with the stop of face to face events and the hacking (and non response of the Pokémon company to fix it) I've basically got no way to play.

    I tried to get into the Digimon TCG but that's completely fucked because Bandai don't want to print enough cards and LGS are not distributing cards fairly and instead buying themselves at MSRP and selling singles at outrageous prices or selling ENTIRE cases to scalpers who want to sell it for double or even triple the normal price.

  31. I 2ant my LGS to close down. The owner charges double the MSRP on product. He's not paying any higher from the distributor. I hope the dude go belly up.

  32. Something I noticed with most TCGs is just how disjointed the cards of a particular set or best for specific playstyle are when it comes to distribution, now that is likely partially intentional or the originators of that play style or set didn't have any real support until certain booster sets were released in the history of that specific card game (Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the most egregious examples of this, amusingly enough), but some of the newer games in the TCG space have actually structured their archetypes around these playstyles and made it so sets within a playstyle are more cohesive (Cardfight Vanguard!, which was ironically created by one of the people responsible for Yu-Gi-Oh! sometime after they stepped away from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, is a really good example of this since it was one of the newer TCGs but seems to be getting to a point where it can potentially rival one of the Big 3 but because of the relative newness of the game isn't quite hit as hard with all the insanity that is going on with TCGs at the moment).

    Sometimes a TCG can actually shake things up so much it changes how all the other TCGs operate in some capacity, I don't know how many people remember Chaotic now but it was Chaotic that actually was the first TCG that allowed players to play (and even trade electronically) online in an official capacity (I'm sure before Chaotic there were players unofficially playing TCGs online but it was likely just some ad hoc system that was not that reliable due to you only being able to do stuff with people you knew and cards you were able to put in the system personally), so it really didn't matter where other Chaotic players were, Chaotic also had a system that meant each creature in the game was printed with different stats so two players could still have the same creature but those creatures would have different stats between them, this allowed for a bit more strategy in the game because there was still a very good chance that both creatures wouldn't destroy each other at the same time when facing off against each other. After Chaotic, every other TCG started establishing their own official online play/match system, and even having a way to trade the digital versions between players (both known and unknown), meant the game was able to have a wider reach than most people anticipated. As said above, other TCGs, especially the Big 3, established their own online play/matchmaking systems after Chaotic was able to show it was possible, still waiting for those games to enable online digital trading though, that still doesn't seem to be something outside of what Chaotic did.

    And it is that online play format that has allowed the play of these card games to continue on well into the worst parts of the pandemic and beyond. Chaotic stopped being a thing, for the time being, for legal reasons pertaining to 4Kids, but I have been hearing rumors about the company that originally created the game rebranding itself and working to bring the game back in an updated capacity, so a reboot of sorts. But Chaotic, in its current state, is a dead game with a dedicated fanbase looking forward to the revival of the series in some official capacity.

  33. Personally the fun for me is opening packs themselves buying flat out just isnt anywhere near as fun but I see your points

  34. I'm a merchandiser the Walmarts that I service stopped carrying because of shoplifters

  35. For people trying to open packs to pull a chase card- I own about 12,000 cards. I have NEVER pulled the rarest card from a set.

  36. The main problem with saying "instead of gambling, just buy the card outright" is that with at least a decent portion of cards, you're gonna get cleaned anyways because the value of said cards has went up significantly due to this boom. Of course, you can get certain cards in less-rare variations, but you don't always have that luxury. While I can appreciate the message you're trying to convey, unfortunately it doesn't always work like that.

  37. Basically, it's both scalpers and distributors

  38. BrO wHaT aRe YoU tAlKiNg AbOuT? I jUsT pUlLeD a BluE eYeS wHiTe MeGa ChArIzArD x PlAiNs WaLkEr CaRd WoRtH 500 dOlL-hAiRs.💩

  39. Humm, like always, like console amiibo or else scalper passed by ?

  40. OH trust me, LGSs are getting bought out of any and all Digimon they happen to get.

  41. accurate enough. However, I could use an explanation on why I have never once seen a Final Fantasy booster pack, anywhere, ever. Not a major retailer, not a local card shop, not a regional card shop. What is the point in the card shop if they are not carrying cards?

  42. I remember back in the day when you were a nerd if you played or collected pokemon/yugioh cards and other things like that and now even the kids who were bullying people who used to get and play the card games back in the day are doing it now its kinda bullshit

  43. I just wish people would actually play!!! I miss the days of tournaments

  44. Out of the like 10 set booster or more I got from magic I have only pulled like $60 form them and my friend has gotten more form buying a $115 dollar box but the value to pull rate is garbage. But the set booster are nice for adding more to your set of cards

  45. 2:57 cimo: there called flippers
    Me: scummy scalper slimeballs and other insults

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