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What is ONE PIECE Card Game? | Opening BANDAI’s Romance Dawn

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  1. 10 years later those card will cost like thousands.

  2. I wish you showed off the art of the cards more

  3. Just grabbed a box from your shop for myself! Looking forward to this series.

  4. As a MetaZoo collector these game seems like a great example of how to make pull rates feel consistent and good while still making those "big" hits feel even better

  5. I'd be happy with either version of Nami

    Or as I call them, "The Waifu Cards"

  6. I love the art style of these cards so much I just bought a box just like this one lol

  7. I've been subscribed to you for almost 5 years huge fan I bought a altergiest deck from your eBay store I hope it gets shipped and get here quick

  8. Most expensive online store there is $179.99 FOR A BOOSTER lol that's so over priced yeah high demand low quantity but most stores have it for $120 or the highest i have seen is $150 but this is crazy

  9. The One Piece anime is incredible, just like Dragonball Super there is a MASSIVE fanbase. I'm currently collecting the One Piece cards and have about 92% of the cards. Missing a few alt art cards and obviously the Manga Shanks. I've opened 7 boxes so far. I'm hoping the collectability and everything will be on par with the Dragonball Super cards.

  10. Lucky, if you read this I personally believe you should have millions of followers. I have followed you for over 10 years now. I plan to start my own channel. What has been the biggest thing to hold you back from growth?

  11. The card game is suuuuper(Franky voice) good

  12. Been Watching Your Yu-Gi-Oh Card Pack Opening Videos For Some Time Now,& Have Shared With Both Friends & Families Your Best Card Pull Reaction Compilations!
    I'm Not As Much Into Yu-Gi-Oh Anymore,But Watching The Videos Is Still Enjoyable,
    & Me & My Wife Have Been Looking Forward To This Card Game Ever Since It Was Announced!
    Just Purchased The StrawHat Starter Decks & Have Been Playing Non-Stop,Looking Forward To Collecting The Other Decks & Purchase Some Cards As Well!

  13. Those look dope btw when are you doing more yugioh content

  14. Right now I feel like the first time i was told about yu-gi-oh. Ohh the nostalgia is great

  15. I am a One Piece fan ever since high school and been reading the manga for more than 10 years now. It will be with great pleasure to own one of these. 😊Cards itself looks very collectible and I’m thinking gameplay looks fun as well.

  16. Im excited for this freakin set of new artwork!!

  17. I believe that this set is a big Hit! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  18. Cool to see this turned into a card game

  19. I love those cards, the art is so nice as a collection or just playing it!

  20. Watch one piece over 15 years now…. would be rly happy to get something…….

  21. "i only watched a couple hundred episodes"
    -guy who recognizes characters from 700 eps in

  22. When it comes out in my country, I’m going to get the Worst Generation starter deck, Kid is one of my favourite characters with one of my favourite Devil Fruits

  23. Thanks god set 2 they fixed half art vanilla to full art. Make it even better ,

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