What is ONE PIECE Card Game? | Opening BANDAI’s Romance Dawn - c4gamingstudio.com

What is ONE PIECE Card Game? | Opening BANDAI’s Romance Dawn

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  1. Currently working at my LGS and unfortunately we were not selected as a store to get any prerelease product for this game, but I still have high hopes for the game as a whole and hope that our store can get some of this set in at some point!

  2. I know I'm incredibly late to the party but my friend just introduced me to one piece and I'm currently on episode 3. I'm not a huge gambler so ill probably just buy singles and keep a sealed booster box of all the sets that come out. the box looks really clean for a display piece as well.

  3. I love One Piece, hoping to win the giveaway!

  4. What’s the retail price for starter decks and the booster box?

  5. If it's anything like digimon, it'll be fun 🔥

  6. I love this card game is so fun to play and collect even from the first set

  7. As a one piece fan I need to start collecting these they look amazing 😻

  8. AAAHHHH ive been waiting for sooo long for the card game. cant wait to collect and play it

  9. would Love to see an unboxing of the structure decks. Even if it's just one video flicking through all four.

  10. the yugioh gaia x buster blade fusion board :sheesh:

  11. I’m honestly hyped to watch this grow!!! I’m going to keep up with this and follow it from the beginning 👏👏👏

  12. The collectibility the art work the gameplay is all fantastic 10/10 best anime and looking forward to collecting and playing.

  13. I love this game! Just can’t get hold of any boxes!

  14. cant wait till i get some booster packs, those pieces of art are beautiful and ive always loved one piece😍

  15. Super excited about this! One Piece is my favorite anime and I have watched it over 1000 episodes. Seriously love this and want to win giveaway 😁

  16. With 1000 episodes, value is sky high already

  17. That one Smugged Skeleton in your closet says:

    I actually really enjoy the anime, so it having a TCG is really cool as heck.

  18. I'm interested to see what stats and abilities they give characters.

  19. One Piece is PEAK FICTION! Card game looks amazing too!

  20. If only you were playing that one piece ost

  21. the quality of the cards is so good. the game is chill and does not rape your brain like yugioh at the moment.

  22. Yo, your store prices for one piece are crazy high brother. Got to make it affordable for us.

  23. One piece is one of my favorite animes. I love that they finally coming out with a card game for it!!

  24. as a huge card game guy and a huge one piece guy im so hyped to get my hands on some cards!

  25. Do more one piece openings! The game is going to be blowing up in popularity for a while, it’s got a huge fan base coming in. Get a leg up on the YouTube opening videos for this game!

  26. I love how it look. I just hate how everyone is trying to resale it. It make it hard for more people to join in

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