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What’s the most influential card in yugioh history?

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Join us as Yu-Gi-Oh players share their thoughts on the most influential cards in the game’s history. From Gores to Brain Fusion, discover which cards are considered game-changers and why they’ve left a lasting impact on Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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  1. The word “influential” is subjective here. Game play it’s still subjective because of the format evolution and player expansion/experience. Image or mainstream appeal there were specific outliners….let’s say “evolved” game play…For that of all time super poly wins in my book. Card had an entire story arch to it in the GX series and still a great “gotcha” card in competitive play. But I can think of a dozen more specific niche cards others mentioned that really forced limitations or counters just to remain competitive.

  2. Imagine using maxx C then losing to deck out

  3. Mystic mine, painful decision, maxx c, order list goes on

  4. Infernity Archfiend made it so all cards fron here on out had a hard once per turn. … well most carfs

  5. Ngl, maxx "c" hasn’t really influenced much of anything I feel like, people special summon as much if not more then ever, it’s only inspired me to pray more then before that I have ash, called by the grave, or something similar in hand if I’m first. But that’s about it I feel?

  6. Beaver warrior is the ONLY answer

  7. Infinite impermanence changed how we set cards in the field I'd say that's very game changer

  8. Gale
    Plaguerspreader zombie
    Glow up bulb
    Shaddol fusion
    Black rose dragon

  9. If you think it’s Branded Fusion then doesn’t that mean your real answer is Shaddoll Fusion???

  10. Yata-garasu. The underrated game changer on the playground

  11. Ash blossom and joyous spring for me

  12. I know they are two cards but yata-garasu and chaos emperor

  13. Malevolent Catastrophe isn't a bad one, it just makes SENSE to not set cards till mp2 now anyways.
    Runner up is probably Mekk-Knights, I still do my best to play around them to this day

  14. No one cares about maxx c. You play it and you automatically lose.

  15. The most influential card in yugioh history is Blue eyes, Hands down. Now if we're talking pro play, there's quite a few choices.

  16. Chaos emperor dragon for me, he’s the reason we got a banlist, also you could say one of the first „combo“ decks

  17. Black Luster Soldier: Envoy Of The Beginning changed everything about Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Back then, your boss monsters either had very high ATK points (2500 ATK or above, like Blue Eyes, Dark Magician or Summoned Skull) or it had a decent stat-line and a decent effect (Like Jinzo or Dark Ruler Hades, who had good effects at cost of ATK points, almost never passing the 2400 ATK) and either way, they were never free to summon, so your whole gameplan was to find those cards while also keeping ways to get monsters onto the field for the tribute summon

    BLS was the first Special Summon with busted stats + a busted effect. He was the blueprint for every single boss monster that came after him, he was in every single competitive Deck during his Prime, he changed the way people played at the time and those changes still reflect in Konami's card design philosophy to this day. Using the grave as a resource to generate an absolute powerhouse in ATK and Effects; that's what most Decks want to do, and Chaos was the pioneer

  18. There are many but Yata, Mirror Force and Gorz feel like the most impactful (even if the last ones weren't the most broken, they created huge scars)

    Exodia, Ash and the Kaijus are good runner ups too I'd say

  19. I wanna say Infinite Impermanence.
    It introduced the awareness that columns matter and much like Effect Veiler gives you an option to interrupt your opponent on their first turn – but unlike Effect Veiler, it does not get stopped by monster negation.

  20. How come nobody is saying Mystic Mine? People literally had to main outs to this card that entirely stops the plays of the opponent

  21. Elemental hero Stratos, card created an entire sub type of card that's basically required in every good modern yuhioh deck

  22. Yeah Gorz changed the order of how everyone attacks. Mekk knights and similar cards had us watch column placement

  23. I can’t see any other answer than ash blossom 😂

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