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When Card Games Break

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Hearthstone’s recent drama with Shudderwock got me thinking: What Happens When You Break A Card Game?



  1. They should change the name from Hearthstone to Riggedstone

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    All loot box should be removed from all their games by law as they are not paying for a gambling license & loot boxes are a forum of gambling & turned the games it to a loot box CON.

    It give activision blizzard A license to print money for their loot box RIPOFF games.

    Hearthstone is 100% rigged up in matchmaking to make you buy loot boxes from their store, You will never gate past rank 7 sliver in rank games because of the matchmaking & bots with the best digital cards in the game.

    Hearthstone is 100% calculated to make you spend your money on loot boxes, To play Hearthstone you will need to spend at last £300 per year minimum & you will get lots of duplicate digital cards which means you will have to spend £1000 on digital loot boxes that you do not have in your possession + the cards go out of date by the next expansion (WHAT A CON) .

    Loot boxes linked to problem gambling in new research

    The link between gaming loot boxes and problem gambling has been "robustly verified", according to a new report.

    The report, carried out by researchers at the universities of Plymouth and Wolverhampton, found that loot boxes "are structurally and psychologically akin to gambling".

    It also found that large numbers of children are opening loot boxes.

    The UK government is already considering whether gambling laws should cover such loot boxes.

    Read Full Report https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-56614281

    All lot boxes should be removed from this Riggedstone game

    DONT WAST YOUR TIME OR MOENY ON Hearthstone 100% RIPOFF LOOT BOX GAME just to line greedy activation pockets with your money.

    activation blizzard just show you what type of company there are with their RIPOFF lootbox number game.


  2. Truly horrendous video with so many wrong facts and poor structure quality, its funny how most of the commenters are casuals that never played the cards games of the video and think he is right.

  3. This comment section is horrendously toxic, calm down everyone

  4. The mechanic described isn't even broken, it's called a combo. Speaking of a wasting time

  5. Hearthstone players nowadays: "Reaching turn 10 ? So silly of you. A game only lasts 6 turns everybody knows this."

  6. I'm the kind of guy who'd pull this off every time just because I wanna win to feel better about myself while knowing I suck at games

  7. Did he just connect Hearthstone to Super Mario Odyssey?

  8. As an MTG player who plays casual, infinite combos are a delicate balance. The best way i see them played are in long format games like commander where the combo is but one of several win cons, and you have little chance of getting the combo out without direct card searching. But i have seen people play a deck by first announcing the win con is an infinite combo and they just want to see it happen. "I worked it out math-wise, I want to see it irl", which people will often agree to do because why the hell not. But whenever someone puts down an infinite combo, there's no tension. Often it happens before people have gotten their own win cons out. So you put down your Exquisite Blood alongside your Sanguine Bond and say "I win, I got the combo.". Someone looks over and says "huh, yep that's the combo.", and then starts gathering up their cards. There's no real sense of triumph because you didn't *win*, you have engendered a situation where it is impossible for anyone else to win. It just sits there on the table like a dead rat and then you play a deck that people can actually fight against and compete with.

  9. They should have a system so private games, can be modified so a card has pre-nerf text

  10. There’s another game that’s been broken called cardfight vanguard with a. Deck type called Kagero. When certain cards are used it’s essentially a one hit k.o.

  11. look at rust compared to the past and now, they don't even look like the same game.

  12. I don't care if I waste ten minutes of my life, that shit looks hilarious

  13. It’s funny how popular the digimon card game is now

  14. 11:44 wrong magic back btw, mtg doesn't have purple, it'll be interesting if they do add it and how but they don't have purple

  15. All digital games that requires real money after purchase are scam .

  16. I know I'm late to the show but the game God's Unchained actually gives you control of your in game assets (boards, cards, trinkets) and you can sell them on the private market after purchasing packs and such. It's like Hearthstone but better due to the control it gives back to the players. In Hearthstone you are licensed the right to use the "card" in GU you actually have ownership of a real, tradable asset. You can even earn cards for free that you can sell.

  17. I actually think Konami is trying to make level 4 cards ftk’s now. They like don’t reach turn 10 as big hat big fluff said

  18. I stopped buying video games in 2003 because I was too poor to afford online play capabilities. At the time I wished I could hang out with my friends and play games online, but looking at the state of the gaming industry today I’m really glad I never got sucked down that rabbit hole.

    The last part of this video was striking to me; someday soon we are going to have to face the fact that we let an entire generation of people fall victim to lifelong gambling addictions instead of cracking low effort jokes about Cheetos and pornography.

  19. As a pokemon player I am just done with the competitive meta as I only play expanded. The pokemon company/Nintendo has made broken cards only looking at the possible combos in standard but not in expanded. This creates broken combos like the island challenge amulet hand lock deck or the scoop up net shaymin decks. It just seems that the company is not paying any attention to the cards they make. They then just ban the cards and people who have bought those expensive cards like shaymin ex are now losing money because those cards are never going to be able to be played anymore it's just do stupid.

  20. I am a video game collector and I think that as long as I purchase a game and it is playable, it’s fine. huge patches and changes are for Games like pubg and Fortnite, where they are online. However, the core experience normally it’s not changed. In cases like no mans sky, which you showed, games can become something much bigger and better, while better meeting original promises.

  21. 5:41 shudder wouldn’t have gone infinite he still hadn’t played grumble wordlshaker

  22. The concept of a CCG forcing you to waste money for cards is stupid. The whole purpose of a freking Card Game Online is to be more accesible than a Trading Card Game, thats why i quitted Hearthstone, I'm not in the mood of wassting hundreds of dollars for digital cards, when i can do it on REAL cards.

  23. Wht I love about LoR is that there are cards that are extremely overpowered but can still be countered or punished.. the game is very well balanced

  24. lol wizard101 does the same thing all the time. They release really really good items, people spend an absolute shit load of money trying to get it, then people complain and the item gets nerfed.

    What a waste of money for those that tried to get it.

  25. 1. owns a magic deck that never uses because he never went to a place to play and played yu gi oh duel links but just farm NPCs, was scared to fight players and get bored of the game yeah… I'm not sure I would understand(?

    2. 7:00 duplicate glitches are both annoying and fantastic in any game xd I would say that it would be a good nerf that you could JUST duplicate a card if you have another copy of that card in the deck, like, instead of having a confirmed full table you just draw instantly the other copy that you have IF YOU HAVE… but if you are a lucky bastard or just rich, you could do this anyways

    3. and the problem of time, I don´t know, accelerating a movement if it is so long? Why didn´t the developers think about this? or did they already do that? :v7

    4. 10:52 oh they- well, sorry xd

    5. 11:47 and also the collective value with can be simulated in an online game but the mechanic part well.. that´s still a problem :v7
    6. a solution that comes to my mind is just to ban the card from "public" servers and giving the players that made private servers the option to ban certain cards, and, when a card gets nerfed, then they give you as compensation the new version of the card, so now you have 2 cards, one that you can just play in the private match as long as the other person is ok with that and the modern card that can be player everywhere
    MAYBE that system could work or maybe not, it would be interesting to watch

  26. lol @ the mtg back with a sixth color pip on it

  27. "I tap one island"
    runs away leaving behind cards and backpack

  28. This nigga quit a game forever because he didn't like it for 2 days lmao

  29. Just ban the card if its too powerful mtg does it all the time and it works

  30. Shudderwock use to be so strong now he's just slow and loses to aggro but the deck is really fun

  31. 5th time seeing this vid in my recommended and my 5th time watching it. Nice

  32. I feel like I've watched this video before but I still love it

  33. Battlecry is off of playing a card, summoning doesn't cause the battlecry to go off.

  34. MTG players know all too well why the ban list exists. And why it’s HELLA long.

  35. Magic turn 1: I play a forest and pass
    Pokemon turn 1: play a pikachu pass
    Hearthstone turn 1: pass
    Yugioh: *INHALES*

  36. Do they not have counterspell's in hearthstone?

  37. As several Hearthstone players have correctly pointed out, I didn't quite explain some of Shudderwock's properties correctly/fully. While an "infinite loop" didn't occur precisely as I described, it was still possible with the combination of Grumble, Worldshaker, Saronite Chain Gang, and Murmuring Elemental. If you'd like to learn precisely how all of it worked, there are plenty of in-depth articles that can explain it (and the rest of the card game) in great detail. Feel free to Google something like "How The Shudderwock Combo Works". Don't listen to some filthy casual like me.

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