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When Card Games Break

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Hearthstone’s recent drama with Shudderwock got me thinking: What Happens When You Break A Card Game?



  1. I don’t know how anyone at Blizzard thought Shudderwock would be a good idea. It’s so obviously broken, I don’t even play Hearthstone, or card games at all that much and even I could tell at a single glance that it would be horrible

  2. or, y'know, make it so that Battlecry abilities only work if they're played from the hand? deals with the issue of the multiple copies. (Shadowverse does this)

  3. Your first example using YGO… That same card, turtle, was used in 2012 as a world's first turn kill deck using frogs lol. They never learn.

  4. Even though I dont play pokemon that much, i think the whole mega or v cards is just a stupid gimmick, it negates building a good deck only to get beaten by one powerful card you can spend 5 bucks on

  5. What my idea is to allow users to keep (or delete and then later reinstall eventually) different versions of games. This way one can select the version they want to use rather force the current version only.

  6. not defending blizzard cos theyre a trash company but this video is incredibly dishonest. you dont need to open packs til you get the card lmfao bruh just craft it. and nerfed cards get full refunds already


  8. Well Catapult Turtle's effect is limited to once per turn & Magical Scientist's effect costs 1000lp per use and BOTH monsters are super weak… so the whole "first turn kill" is based on people not reading the cards?

    More likely to pull off a Last Turn/Jowgen OTK than throw a thousand away each turn for only a little more burn.

  9. Complains about online cards being changed after purchased.. has obviously never heard of an "errata". Tonnes of cards get changed in tcg/ccgs.. if you want to play in prize tournaments, you follow the updates rules.

  10. Speaking of broken card games,,, Magic the Gathering is a Turing complete system, and somebody has made a binary adder out of Magic cards and game mechanics.

  11. The idea that this is "breaking the game" rather than just a nasty late game combo that requires setup and such amuses me greatly and tells me a lot about either hearthstone or this guy

  12. card crafting and earnable in game currency: exists
    austin mcconnell: im going to pretend i didnt see that

  13. “This gets old really, really fast”
    Me: that must be something that the hearthstone community does cause Yugioh players have been playing easy to win blue eyes meta decks for years and it’s annoying.

  14. Pokemon's power creep has gotten so bad that it's barely even fun anymore. The online version is so full of ADP and Mew3 decks that I'd rather not play.

  15. Some game developers think we are stupid brainless sheep who will shell out a ton of money for the illusion of ownership, and they're absolutely right.

  16. I can't believe blizzard nerfed shudderwock because of this stupid timmy's opinion who clearly knows nothing about Hearthstone.

  17. Saronite Chain Gang should just make a copy of that minion. So, when Shudderwock triggers it, it should produce a SCG, not another Shudderwock. Could be a solution.

  18. I know this video is two years old but is hearthstone still going? Everyone I know dropped it because of this and they used to play it a lot.

  19. My solution, games need to be a solid media again. None of this patching crap. It will inventive the developers to produce a better product at release and the players will know what they're getting from the product with future uses

  20. i wish he at least fact checked his work before uploading cause wow

  21. My new favorite use of Shudderwock is with the new Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate, who has a 5% chance of turning the game into a coin flip. But, with some very manipulative battlecries, you can stop the coin from flipping to your loss and just end up burning the opponent up in flames

  22. You stopped playing Hearthstone??? Is it possible if I could have your account?🥺

  23. It occurs to me that this combo might have worked as intended if Saronite Chain Gang and other cards like it named themselves specifically instead of using the word "this".

    "Summon a copy of Saronite Chain Gang"

    It's also true that this combo would have been impossible if Hearthstone had it's own version of the "legend rule" from mtg, and the you'd need a whole other card to make the combo possible

  24. And to think that now after just two years shudderwock is way too slow and no one plays him anymore because everyone is playing hyper aggressively and theres no point since you die by turn 7

  25. Cancel decks in magic made me quit my 5 years of playing. Why would I want to play a game where I lose each card as soon as I place it?

  26. 4:16 – a player would have to manually sort through their cards to figure out what was played during the match
    chuckles in Kathril, Aspect Warper

  27. Am I the only one who was reminded of Mooing Infinite? If you don’t know what that is just type it into the YouTube search bar.

  28. Holy fuck, i remember that shit, i first played hs first time in witchwood, made some paladin deck climbed until 15, it only had this, dropped 2 days later

  29. Current Legends of Runtime player: what do you mean balanced meta?

  30. Ya know they could’ve just made it to where when you pull off this combo there isn’t an animation and everything would be fine

  31. Hearthstone players when there is 1 combo deck which can't go off until turn 9: 'game is broken'

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