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when you have a REALLY good turn in a card game

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  1. Apparently this is every turn of every yugioh deck now-days…

  2. Lol that was so accurate and it makes me wanna try Magic 👌🏽🔥🔥🔥

  3. Omg dude! Your priceless. Please don't stop making videos

  4. I actually want a card game where the theme is cows, milk and work ethique

  5. Im here to update yall on the turn

    he realised mid-turn the ability to basically repeat the starting turn, allowing him to do it all again.

    Welp heres to another 3 years

  6. what is the name of the card game? (yea i forgot)

  7. would be funny if at the end he just ended up summoning blue eyes ultimate dragon and took only 100 points of the adversary's life

  8. This is the kind of shit that made me quit Magic

  9. Little did he know 3 years from the upload of this video he would be double the weight he is here. Asian are disciplined and wouldn't let this kind of corruption happen. Unless, he's not full Asian in which would make since. The American gene is quite strong compared to the Asian counterpart. Can't wait to see how much weight you gain by the end of 2023. This channel provides an exceptional documentary on how Asians shouldn't act and the progression of your weight gain. Keep up the good work!

  10. I just started learning this game! I still don't really understand it, but this guy makes it seem super easy lol

  11. When you draw the one card in your deck that pretty much wins you the game (aka every Yugioh protagonist lol jk)

  12. I LOVE your sense of humor, I'm glad I found this channel, this day is good.

  13. You made an error. You have to play 'Opposable Thumbs' on the raging bull before you can play big gun.

  14. the fact big gun has to be censored makes this 3 times funnier

  15. How sad is it that you have to blur that S&W model 29

  16. I used to play at a local Yugioh tournament years ago with a lot of the same people each week. It got to the point to where when we played all we needed to do was start the combo with a couple of cards and ask if they had a way to stop it, cause if they couldn't it was basically game. This feels like those times we would get a new player in the mix and attempt to blow their minds with this awesome combo and this was always their reaction. Love it.

  17. Playing against literally any serious magic player be like-

  18. Damn I was really hoping at the end he was gonna say “I think you mean, cheeseist Christ”

  19. The tangible current cosmetically book because back spindly book toward a ambiguous person. acceptable, bitter baboon

  20. This be me when I get a good turn in Yugioh

  21. What card game is this?? I need it in my life

  22. Anyone want some popcorn while watching this epic turn of events?

  23. Bull with Big Gun is something from Looney Tunes

  24. Guys, I think we all needed a go to work ethic card

  25. This is exactly how I feel every time I see someone play magic the gathering

  26. The big gun was blurred out 😭🤭😂🤣

  27. Only thing better is when your opponent has that amazing turn but then you have that one card that ruins everything

  28. What kills me is how well made the cards are

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