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when your opponent won’t finish you off in a card game

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  1. That what I do in heart of stone yeah I love to torture my opponents

  2. When that happens you literally just want to see how much you can

  3. honestly i was hoping he was going to promote a digital version of the cow card game

  4. this is basically how it feels to play yu gi oh in 2021

  5. lol I won't lie….. I have done this multiple times….. nothing feels better than being able to get off a crazy good combo just to show your opponent how little of a chance they stood against you.

  6. I come back to this every month thanks for this

  7. It is like prosperous bloom. Maybe they don't even have the combo: Yaya i believe you let's move on.

  8. This is what I do in games when I'm sure to win, but really want to see what everything I'm using does 😆

  9. "I worship but one deity, and thine name is Overkill"
    — A Meme I Saw Somewhere Once

  10. play the cow card game with people you hate

  11. Shouldn't it be 3 identical brothers as there's 4 Groin Puncher cards in the Video, just paused it!

  12. This is why most card games lets you surrender at any time

  13. This is my favorite thing to do, the best one I had was in star realms. I reduced my opponent down to 7 health, had increased my health throughout the game to around 160, then in the final round:

    Made them discard their entire hand, and drew all the cards from my deck into my hand, discarded a few to increase my attack, and played what I had left. In the end hit them with around 150 attack. My brother and I do this when we can, and call it "sending them to the shadow realm."

  14. What? He didn't go moo-infinite. How lame!

  15. Nonononono
    Lets be fair if we could set it up to where we could punch our friend in the groin we would

  16. It's not overkill, he just wanted to punch him in the groin.

  17. Man that’s cool, who’s afraid of the big bad cow?
    You should be!
    Nightmare cow beast man!
    Who’s afraid of the cow now?

  18. Jokes on them,you get more CMP the longer you stay alive

  19. Did you make an entire set of cards for this. That’s amazing.

  20. I want sung-won to make this a real game

  21. I know EXACTLY how this feels……

  22. America explaining how they won ww2 against Japan :

  23. We can see the script in the glasses reflection. I'm disappointed, it's OBVIOUSLY STAGED!!!

  24. This reminds me of when my uncle traps me in Austrailia in RISK

  25. the add was perfect for the video holy COW.

  26. Who Designed this game?

    Shadowverse advert

  27. TL,DR: This series is awesome. CCGs are awesome too, 'though I didn't play CCGs for ages ('cause female). Don't be a dick and exclude/abuse players because of gender, sexual orientation, etc.

    Damn, I love this series. It's so perfectly (and hilariously) realistic, based on decades of watching previous boyfriends and my current partner of 12yrs play tabletop card games.
    I'm pushing 40 and finally starting to play on a regular basis. Having my partner teach me details of games like Magic:The Gathering, with the intention of becoming a formidable opponent for others has been… awesome. I've wanted this for a long time but I'd given up.

    Girls weren't welcome at the table during my teens/early 20's, or if they were things got… weird. When I went alone I'd be met with extreme hostility, while others would trip over themselves to help until they realized I wasn't interested in being their girlfriend, which led to more hostility. When I went with my boyfriend and joined in there was hostility but the other guys treated me respectfully because I was someone's "girl" (which felt equally gross). Eventually I gave up, resigned to the role of spectator 🤷🏻‍♀️.

    To be clear: I'm not saying ALL guys who played these games were assholes. I never believed that was the case. I met friendly players. I knew there were more out there and they made up a decent chunk of that community.

    What happened was the "Girls ruin the game!" types and the "Nice Guys" (who pretend to be nice until romantic/sexual rejection) were the ones who engaged with me the most. They effectively dominated the rooms, created a venomous and openly unwelcoming atmosphere, and drowned out the genuinely good guys who were there to play and enjoy the game with anyone who was interested in the same.

    Fortunately the table gaming community has changed and become more inclusive, even though the gaming community as a whole has deeply-rooted issues with pushing out/abusing anyone who isn't a cishet male. To a point where legal action is needed to make any possible headway… looking at you, Blizzard! (Although honestly they're only one piece of a much larger problem…🤦🏻‍♀️)

    I'll always expect to see some of those guys at the tables, but they've become easier to avoid. I've also grown a stronger backbone as I've gotten older. Additionally, aging has led me to feel more confident: I DGAF about telling a shitty player to stop their shitty behavior, flat-out walking away from a bad gamer, and not engaging if they try to pull me into arguments full of circular reasoning to "prove" their misogynistic beliefs.

    I mean, if you only want to play with guys? That's fine! Play with your male friends. But hopefully you'll acknowledge the girls (cis and trans) and other folks (gay men, non-binary people, and more) who've been gamers all their lives. We've been here the entire time, and not only in single-player games. We've been playing beside you online while hiding behind carefully crafted avatars, watching what we reveal in chat, turning off the mic so you won't hear us speak… We don't want to "ruin" anything with our bodies (or sexual identities). We want to play at the table, like everyone else.

    AHEM Sorry about the ramble/rant. The feelings of being excluded run deep, obviously. And like I said: I have nothing against guys wanting to play with guys. You can create those spaces where you feel comfortable… like others who've had to create their own spaces for decades.
    Or… you could make a choice. A choice many others couldn't (or can't) make without jeopardizing personal safety: play in the same spaces as others.
    Play with others, recognize many "new" folks aren't new at all: we've been hiding, and we just want to play.

  28. When the parody game looks more fun than the sponsor.

  29. “-groin puncher”
    “Just attack me
    “Oh I plan to”

  30. I laughed so hard that I lost a game of Magic

  31. Does anyone know where I can purchase that playmat in the video.

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