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When Yu-Gi-Oh Players Try Other Card Games

Team APS
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Yu-Gi-Oh players might be good at their game, but not every card game is the same. What happens when they try out Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Vanguard, or Digimon TCG?

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  1. As a you-gi-oh! player… yes this is how we play all other card games

  2. Flesh and Blood > literally ANY other card game.

  3. Yu-Gi-Oh keeps breaking itself, so I hanged in the towel awhile ago

  4. Dude i want to play digimon tcg so much, was there a game or smth coming out? I cant even buy the cards at my local

  5. I think being bad at Yu-Gi-Oh helped me Branch out to other games, easier than if I had been good at Yu-Gi-Oh. Also; when did you go get so hard, way too confusing nowadays.?

  6. Lol this is great…."think thats wild, wait til you hear about summonin siccness" hahhaha

  7. Lol 🤣 Love this Content Love how he stayed Focused on Just Yu-Gi-Oh xD

  8. Well i could play MAGIC Cards too and thats a LEGEND Trading card game Before Yu-Gi-Oh.And i know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh 😁😁✌️

  9. I was born in 95 I started playing YGO in 2000 but I have only.played online since high-school. I come back every few years just waiting for the ending just like pokemon. YGO is so broken and ash has been 10 the whole time. But the memories I have captured inside the images on those cards that it has become a key to creativity when I feel artistic. I think we're all wishing we could draw that good. And collecting the cards is a cheaters portfolio.

  10. You guys ever heard of or tried
    VS System 2PCG?
    You should check it out.
    It's mostly based on Marvel stuff, they have the game divided into 2 universe's, illustrated and photographic. They have a couple non-marvel IP's as well (Buffy the vampire slayer, X-Files, Aliens, and Predator)
    It's more of a living card game. You buy a set, or an expansion and you have all the cards. No chasing rares.

    You can get it from Upper Deck store online, or Amazon. I'm not sure if there would be brick and mortar stores in your area that would carry it.
    If you check it out, I would recommend either "the marvel battles" set, it's a 4 player starter set.
    The Civil War battles, is an newer set that is specifically intended to be a good place for new players to start.
    Any set with battles in name will be a starter with enough cards for 2 decks, (4 in the case of "the marvel battles" and "monsters unleashed battles")

  11. The Broken Cards should not only include Pokemon, Magic with its "just take another turn man" cards is also really cool

  12. Wonder how he'll do in Dragonball Super Zenkai series! "evil laugh"

  13. Great vid, as someone who's dabbled in many a game over the years
    From Yugioh, to MtG, to MLP, the old YuYu hakusho card game and others. I even gave the inuyasha card game a try many were fun sadly many of them never lasted or just couldnt play with many people due to not living in an area where it was popular enough.

    luckily i've never struggled too much on grasping the various rules… i remember a group of friends mashed up pokemon yugioh and mtg. I cant remember the details but it was a lot of math for each type like multiplying MtG stuff to bring it up to yugioh tier and such cant recall the details of how we figured out how to really do stuff but it was a fun little experiment.

    I will say the way digimon handles the memory resource still baffles me… as well as how digimon uses the same number rather than same name in its deck limit stuff.

  14. My exact mindset going into Weiss Schwarz. Still call the waiting room the graveyard, old habits die hard xD

  15. I only understand Pokemon cuz that's what iv been growing up with my deck is amazing but I don't have a binder bc my teacher took it thinking it was my school binder but found out it was Pokemon and I never got them back so this year imma get Japanese ones bc if you can't read it how you know its Pokemon Hehehe

  16. I like how you trashin on every game and all the weaknesses

  17. He is going to freak if you try buddyfight .

  18. I love how they know nothing about how pokemon works, but it makes sense, it's a yugioh chanel

  19. I got my yugioh bios playing, the grow up so fast

  20. nice, i need to try other games 😀

  21. Bro imagine if buddy fight was in this vid I’m imagining it now

  22. Draw 3 cards pff. Theres a a draw until you have 7 cards in your hand. Thats a +6 if it was your only card.

  23. LOL…the dreads dude looks like he could be Maj Toure's younger brother

  24. You have no lands. “A field spell?” Lmao.
    And this whole thing is funny, the biggest issue he runs into is yugioh not using resources the way other games do.

  25. Just to ask if ya all got try vanguard v format before..

  26. When i was little i made up a game with Pokemon cards using yugioh similar rules. I played it with my cousin and we both enjoyed 😁

  27. Oh! so Vanguard is like Speed Duels 😯

  28. It`s wierd that I some how kinda know the rules off all of these games even tho I only play Yugioh

  29. If you think these are wild, wait until you play the DBZ card game.
    “Wait, you only have one monster the entire game? And no life points? How do you win?”

  30. As a vanguard player myself I saw he had 2 heal triggers in the front row and that hurts my soul XD great video you guys

  31. I've always preferred yugiohs mechanics comparing to the others, but I've not played them. Which you think has better mechanics or is more enjoyable?

  32. Funny to see it since i can play yugioh, MTG and pokemons from it but nothing else yet

  33. As someone that casually played Pokémon back in the day, and more or less always stayed playing Yu-Gi-Oh! this hit so hard. That was my same reaction when my bf was trying to teach me to play Vanguard 😂

  34. Did you guys learned the all rules of these games only to make a 3 minute video?

  35. 2:27 that’s what I said when I saw someone play Crystal beast the first time.

  36. I really want to see them play more vanguard it be fun to they play card fight arena

  37. 1:21 Ironically that's not true. You can Bench Basic Pokemon as long as you have space; it's Energy and Supporters(the broken draw cards) that are O.P.T. Kinda funny that happened though. 😅

  38. Thanks for watching the new video guys! Hope you all enjoyed! Have you ever tried a different card game? What's the weirdest thing that happened?
    When You Try to Show Yu-Gi-Oh to Your Friends – https://youtu.be/LfttNKXMcWo

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