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Where Do I Keep All My GOOD Pokemon Cards? 😈

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This Is Where I Keep My Good Pokémon Cards!
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  1. Love how you arrange these cards in a classic library fashion. Im currently completing the Crown zenith line which is my fave set.
    Cool gallery, Nate 🙂👍
    New Sub ❤

  2. @realbreakingnate hope ate that nana 🙈

  3. That is a dope collection. This is what I've always wanted.

  4. I heard that theres a rumor if you say this you will get pinned


  5. More of these vids plz, i love them and you

  6. Can you give me all your energy cards

  7. But why…why is there a banana in the Pokémon card library? 😮

  8. Guy shows off basically billions of dollars of Pokemon cards if he got the psa graded

  9. I will send you my full inventory if it helps. This level of collecting gets me so excited.

  10. Can you please show all your Dragonite cards

  11. I thought you weren't supposed to double up cards in binders

  12. Rapidash, one of the many underrated pokemon

  13. Man I 🎉you’re doing good with Pokemon

  14. Uiteraard altijd sneu maar met 7000 meter hoogte is het niet zo gek dat je het niet overleefd maar ik vond ook een paar jaar geleden dat er op eens zo mega veel dode vogels lagen enorm veel blijft een rare fenomeen

  15. show me gold e3 pikachu or gold w misty's psyduck

  16. I wanna know how you know which ones are which is their the same binder colours

  17. I want to see pikachu illustrator psa 10 pls 🙏

  18. Can you give us a tour of your entire Pokémon card collection lpz

  19. Nintendo watching rubing there hands together because this man spent all his money on Pokémon cards

  20. By the way do you have zekrom cards it is my favourite Pokémon

  21. I want to see inkay and malamar
    my favorite Pokemon

  22. Hey Nate was wondering what binder did you use

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