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Why aren’t my SD Card Games Showing on Desktop Mode on the Steam Deck?

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So your SD card is mounted correctly but the Steam client in desktop isn’t acknowledging your games. Now what?

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  1. My sd card with batocora doesn't show up, how do I access it in descktop mode so I can add more gages on it? Tia.

  2. This is the third time this happened!!! Save this video for ltr! You will need it!!!

  3. Steam doesn't look like this anymore. please help

  4. Thank you so much! i couldn't solve this problem for the longest time because i couldn't find any detailed guide in google but you just solved it❤❤

  5. Thank you for this video .. had a different issue. Steam decks latest update removed my external SD games amd couldn't find anything online to fix it. This simple instructions fix it. 😇👍thank you very much. You saved my games.

  6. I did not appear under media, my deck is acting as if nothing is inserted at all

  7. Holy shit thank you so much I was this close to just giving up and formatting everything

  8. What the fuck
    … my settings screen looks completely different and does not have that option.

  9. thank you so much! the first time this happened to me i re-formatted my sd card. so glad to know that the fix is this easy

  10. I have the opposite problem my SD card is on the desktop and can still play roms on steam.But it doesn’t show up on storage

  11. Exactly what I needed. You rock. Super easy fix !!!!

  12. Excellent video! We need more of this on YouTube!

  13. Question? I'm a rookie on Steam Deck.Got it a week now! I couldn't find my SDcard at first.Where all my games are installeren.Steam Deck then asked me to install GTV5 to the SSDcard.So I could still play it! Done! Works fine! But now I can play through my SDcard again.Can I remove GTA5 from my SSDcard without any problems now?

  14. Nice and clear! I did these steps on my 1TB SD card but got the message new steam library folder must be empty. I have over 600GB of free space.

  15. Hi! Thank you for your video. My problem is almost the same. The only difference is my micro sd card is not showing up in desktop mode when I click the storage, but all my games are working fine when I go back to gaming mode. Should I do the same steps in your video?

  16. I was about to tear my hair out, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH

  17. Thank you so much, I literally saw this video by chance and I needed it less than 1 hour later

  18. Thank you so much this was the exact fix. Guess something happened when i downloaded blizzard launcher and set the download path to my sd card

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