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Wild Card Game Balls Go To…. | Locker Room Celebration

Cincinnati Bengals
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See who earned game balls after the Bengals beat the Ravens in the Wild Card Round of the 2023 playoffs.

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  1. Love lout running in there and spiking the ball! He was pumped up about his players!!

  2. Sam still can't breath. That a boy Sam. Big 94

  3. Somebody had something to say right before the who dey chant 😂🤣😂🤣

  4. Yes. Now you have to play an actual team. The Bills.

  5. It’s a good win against a tough divisional foe but, without Lamar Jackson this should have been a much easier win. Yes the defense stepped up at the end but they allowed way too many yards and way too many big plays. And the offense once again got off to a fast start and then just kind of went to sleep for the rest of the game. Absolutely cannot do that against Buffalo.

  6. Fkin ted🤣🤣🤣 always the first to yell "they gotta play us!!!" Hahaha

  7. Smoking bans need to be more tighter and stricter and smokers should smoke outside! Who wants to smell like an ashtray and have stained teeth and bad breath?

    Even though cigar smoke is not supposed to be inhaled, people still are at risk for lung diseases and cancers.

    By the way, all indoor smoking is banned inside of all public places nowadays, so why weren’t the Cincinnati Bengals players punished for smoking indoors?

  8. I’m 24 years of watching the bengals and being a bengals fan this is the best d we have ever had I don’t care what anyone has to say that couch need to be looked at more he’s a great couch that we need to keep

  9. They are not done yet!!That is for certain!!!👏🏻👏🏻👊🏻😤

  10. Who has a video of the crowd during the play

  11. If Jesse Bates doesn't hustle to knock Huntley out at the 1 yard line, Hubbard's TD never happens, and we probably lose the game. Great job Jesse. Who Dey.

  12. Time to beat Buffalo for real this time!!! 🔥🔥

  13. I love hearing Duff yell " they gotta play us" ! WHO DEY !

  14. I LOVE Lou's response! haha! Sign him to whatever he wants!

  15. I think the Wilson/Hubbard play is one of the biggest plays in Bengals history and deserves a name. I nominate “Flick Six”

  16. Who's going to start a go fund me to keep Lou.

  17. Germaine Pratt stuffed Huntley at the line and allowed Wilson to knock the ball out. One the most underrated LB in the league #57. WHO DEY!

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  19. Sam Hubbard's 98 YD fumble return TD was absolutely INSANE. And Zac is right. They gotta play us! #WhoDey

  20. So many things could have gone wrong with that spike but Lou nailed it 😂

  21. Yea as a bills fan, we aren't beating you. We won't ever see another SuperBowl appearance so good job hopefully it's a good game

  22. What did Lou say when he spiked the ball🐅🐅🐅

  23. On the Hubbard touchdown Pratt needs to be added as a game ball recipient. Without Pratt that ball would have crossed the goal line.

  24. Love the locker room speeches! Really highlights Coach Taylor's leadership and the culture and mentality he's fostered since coming to the Bengals. Just as important is the entire team embracing and living that culture. Way to stay true to who you are despite some dirty tactics. Great job by Joe Mixon staying as cool as he did after that cheap shot to the gut. You won because you're the better team and better human beings. Bring home the win from Buffalo! I'll probably be watching with a Bills fan and I'm bringing a cup to catch his tears. Much love to the Bills, but I love the Bengals more! WHO DEY!!!

  25. Lou is favorite person in the world lol

  26. Credit to Playoff P who stopped Huntley short to allow Wilson to swat that ball out of Huntleys hands. Credit to Hubbard for being at the right spot at the right time and running that all the way back. Iconic play in Bengals history.

  27. Love this team. Easy to cheer for whether they win or lose.

  28. Next week’s game is going to be legendary!

  29. Pay Lou the bag if you have to. I don't think there will be much complaining from anyone if that happens!

  30. Buffalo should wipe you, considering you barely squeaked that win out. Ravens actually had you if not for their self destruction. GOOOO BILLS!!!!

  31. Gotta absolutely love this team! Let's go boys time to beat buffalo and keep steam rolling! Who dey

  32. Lou best coordinator in the league by far, even with our lockdown corner who was well on his way to a possible pro bowl (Chidobe Awuzie) out, he has made this defense top 5 in least points against, and never fails to step up in clutch situations like tonight.

  33. Clutchest defense in football by far, picked off Mahomes and Carr for game winning plays last year in the playoffs, forced a Kelce fumble to win against the Chiefs, this game and the list goes on…

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