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Wild Card Game LIVE: Yankees @ Redsox

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  1. Everything Pete said in here came to life Lmao 😭💀 he wasn’t lying

  2. Seems like we got the Gerrit Cole from the Pirates, not from the Astros. If you followed Cole when he was with the Pirates, he would pitch well for the most part but he would implode in big situations. I keep thinking of the Wild Card game in 2016 when Cole imploded against the Cubs. Let's hope somehow he can find it in the coming years.

  3. Sad Sanchez wasn't DH and Stanton in RF, Judge in CF…. the bottom of the lineup was weak… that's on BOONE

  4. 1B. Rizzo or Olson 2B. DJ or Gleyber (if he isn't traded) SS.Peraza or Gio Ushela (tell him to come ready early in the offseason to prepare physically) 3B.Gio Ushela or DJ (If Gio at SS and Gleyber at 2B.) C.Vasquez/Higgy

  5. We need a real manager. Boone is to soft

  6. Pete.. you talk real shit when it comes to the yanks, Non the less.. my guy. Boone is Trash!

  7. I don't want to hear people Bash Stanton anymore. This man in the playoffs is hitting .297 AVG/373 OBP/.734 SLG/ 1.108 OPS with 9 Homeruns in 18 Games! I said it a while ago its management mismanaging him. They need Build the team around Him and Judge.

  8. I agree with Killa Joe. We need to go for Matt Olson. Young, Lefty, hits for average now, he cut down the strikeouts, and is a Gold Glover.

  9. Signing Judge is not a question. It is a MUST!! The fact they asked that to Judge pissed me off

  10. 1.Cole 2.Ray 3.Severino 4.Monty 5.Taillon 6.Nasty Nestor. 7.Mike King 8.Luis Gil.

  11. I would Sign Vasquez away from the RedSox or if possible Plawecki away from the Redsox

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