Wild Card Weekend recap: Bills, Giants, Jaguars advance | SNF | NFL on NBC - c4gamingstudio.com

Wild Card Weekend recap: Bills, Giants, Jaguars advance | SNF | NFL on NBC

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The FNIA crew break down the next set of games from Wild Card Weekend, where the Bills survived against the Dolphins, the Giants upset the Vikings and Trevor Lawrence completed an unthinkable comeback. #NFL #NBCSports #SNF
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Emmy Award winners Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth continue to follow all the action from the booth, along with Michele Tafoya from the field.

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Wild Card Weekend recap: Bills, Giants, Jaguars advance | SNF | NFL on NBC


  1. It’s sad how Main stream media down play jacksonville Like they are not a legitimate team. If they came back and won from being 27- 0…. Imagine if they didn’t give San Diego five turnovers…., The score would probably been 41-13 think about.

  2. 3:08 He was thinking of the hot black chick when he was talking 🤣

  3. Why is the Bengals-Bills game not at a neutral site?

  4. It is ok to say everyone was wrong about the Jags. Just be man enough to show the highlights and say they are better then we thought.

  5. Mahomes vs. Lawrence and Burrow vs. Allen what a divisional round in the AFC that will be

  6. The clock management on their last drives by the Dolphins and Ravens was inexplicable.

  7. …anyone ever wonder if most of these qbs are actually just fine and that it's the organizational structures that fail then over and over? But you can't fire an owner. You can't just create a culture overnight…I know it's a boring thought. Draft day would be less interesting. I get it.

  8. Thank you very much Thanks for oll. Thanks

  9. The “I love Daniel Jones” as the first words to start his argument made me smile

  10. You can see Garrett feels genuine happiness for DJ considering he was unable to help him when he was his OC. What a feeling for Giants fans right now

  11. 👑🦁👑
    ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬅️ Kings of the North

  12. I'm a die hard COWBOY fan but I'm glad Jones playing so well pulling for him until we play

  13. Hahahha @ Daniel Jones truthers. Ignore 5 years of mediocrity why don't you

  14. If the giants offer Jones anything more than 20 million per year that will be a huge mistake

  15. Dallas fan here but wow low key been pulling for DJ since he was drafted. Hard not to like the guy and you couldn't be happier for him. You can tell Garrett was really happy for him and they're all right. It doesn't matter what the record says NFC East rivals playing against each other is next level. I'm still not over the 2007 loss to NY after we beat them twice during the season and oh yeah they went on to win the SB 😭

  16. Love Jason Garret as an analyst/commentator. He’s actually very articulate, knowledgeable and really contributes to the games analysis. Was not a fan when he was with Dallas, tho 🙂

  17. Who was hosting this show, Maria or Matt Berry?

  18. The officiating in the Giants game was brutal and mostly slanted to the Vikings. At least 3 or 4 times they just tackled the pass rush which allowed Cousins to make a big throw. Then the roughing the passer on Dexter was embarrassing.

  19. Same garbage different week…fake narratives and absurd explanations of rigged crap games.
    Where's the personal integrity of the humans involved? Oh yea, contracts…$$$

  20. Love that Danny Dimes got his own record. Go Giants

  21. Is the Daniel Jones fan club finished!?
    I don't care how respectful he is to has been players (that never amounted to much) or veteran sports reporters,…Daniel Jones sucks!!
    And I'm a Giants fan!!
    It took him a year to stop fumbling!!
    " Daniel Jones is finally ,who they thought he would be, when they picked him in the first round"!!?
    So Gettlemen went out of his way, to draft one of the biggest reasons he was fired!?
    Do you people even hear yourselves saying these lies!?
    Daniel Jones is a Giants quarterback, because Mara wants to save money!
    Which is also why Eli didn't get more Super bowls!!
    Saving money ,by getting inexpensive talent in the free agency, and never putting a dime on offensive linemen.

  22. The anomaly in the Chargers v. Jaguars playoff game wasn’t the second half, it was the first half. The second half compares well to the earlier game in the season when the Jags dominated the Chargers. In that first game the Chargers scored 10 points all game. Had the Jags played up to their capability the entire game it would have been another lopsided victory. There needs to be a head coaching change in LA.

  23. Garret and Joe Judge have had amazing things to say about Daniel Jones…love seeing his success and this teams' success! Go Giants!

  24. Maria Taylor just give the show an enjoyment to watch. She bring a lot of humour to the show. 8:51

  25. Dabol drafted Hodgins and watched him develop in Buffalo for 2 years, pretty sure Dabol had his hand in the Brieda deal in Buffalo as well

  26. He won't throw to Jefferson if he's covered but he'll throw two Hockenson 5 yards short of the first down?

  27. Both the Bills and Bengals made critical mistakes keeping their opponents a threat to the end. In the end the better teams won with a bit of luck and talent. The match up between the two will be fun to watch.

  28. Peterson said a little prayer before the game: "God, if we should suffer turnovers and drops in this tournament, let them all come today, amen"

  29. I'm convinced these guys just look at box scores and form an "opinion". So many bad takes here.

  30. Referees can change the entire season with 1 call. Roughing the passer calls are totally at their discretion. 5 refs hold on to their flags, but if 1 guy says, "ehh that's a little rough"….. 1st down!!!!

  31. I'm all in believe it. And it will happen…watch..

  32. Sorry, Ekeler is not one of the best rb in the game. That’s ridiculous and a reason why they don’t run it more.

  33. Garrett talking about winning on playoffs is like me talking about fighting in WW2, we both have no idea what it's like.

  34. Maria Taylor is not just Eye Candy, she knows football. Its great to have a lovely lady as MC to keep the guys in line.

  35. They keep blaming Allen for 2 ints but they hit his receivers in the hands. They have to make those plays.

    Also, how are we not talking about the 15 delay of games Miami had without any call what so ever lol. Drove me nuts all game. Bills Mafia!


  37. Was it just me or did Florio say “that Christian Cunt contract”

  38. Think the Chiefs aren't winning another SB this year or next. Not until Mahomes renegotiates his contract. With all the money, 13% of the cap for a QB the trend of teams never winning a Super Bowl looms large. Next year the Bills get added. Why it so hard to repeat? This is the exact reason.

  39. This could be another playoff scenario like it was in years past. [Remember the seasons they had against the Patriots:] No one gave them a chance to win anything. They went in as an Underdog both times and ended up winning everything.!

  40. Not even gonna bother with the 9ers Seahawks huh?

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