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Will Ben Brode’s New Card Game Be The Hearthstone Killer?

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Will Marvel Snap, a new collectable card game from Ben Brode be the Hearthstone killer?
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Ex Pro Hearthstone Player Tries to Guess How Good Hearthstone Cards Are w/ Reynad​:

Rarran, RegisKillbin, Zeddy, trump, thijs, kripp and other hearthstone youtubers all play different hs gamemodes. Duels, Battlegrounds, Standard, Arena and Wild are in the game that can new cards from new expansions to climb and win HS games.
Hearthstone is a card game based on WOW, it is also a digital card game.


  1. Hearthstone died a long time ago, when all the good streamers (and ordinary people like myself) left. I play Eternal now.

  2. Ben Brode has not aged AT ALL since he started Hearthstone. He looks so incredible

  3. Hearthstone will kill itself, there is no need for a killer.

  4. I’ll be honest, I’m not attracted to this game at all. I’ll stick to hearthstone.

  5. Really? Why Marvel? I am ALWAYS down for good card games, and I love Ben Brode. But I dont care about the marveö franchise whatsoever….

  6. It's hilarious to me that every time a new digital CCG is released the "Hearthstone Killer" hyperbole starts in… as if it's against the laws of cyberspace that multiple CCGs can actually coexist on the internet without darwinism taking hold.
    People seem to think some new super card game will eventually be created that will cause the Hearthstone player base of MILLIONS, tens of millions world wide to suddenly quit and leave all at once. That's ridiculous. If Hearthstone dies It will be a gradual decline over years as the game runs it's course and players move on, not because a new flash in the pan like Runeterra, Artifact, Snap, or whatever comes along. That's just ridiculous.

  7. I'm super excited for Snap, but I doubt this will "kill" Hearthstone. Hopefully not at least, I love HS, but recently it's been feeling a little lacking :/

  8. hs has gotten so fast paced that i get stressed sometimes.. a faster paste game then hs? no thanks

  9. Ben Brode and Marvel gets me to at least try it.

  10. This is definitely not a game for a competitive environment. This only focuses on aggro and nothing else. Super boring for control players like me.

  11. Seems like the mechanics similar to Smash Up!. Interesting..

  12. Literally looks like Ben Brode got younger lol

  13. Literally looks like Ben Brode got younger lol

  14. Man why you not making videos on snap ? Its awesome!!

  15. Marvel doesn't have general appeal. The hearthstone killer-idea ended right then and there. When the creators need to discuss what makes the game different from Hearthstone that's a strong indicator that it won't be a Hearthstone killer either. But yeah I know, clickbait titles and bad youtube videos…

  16. I don't think there's anything that'll ever "kill" games like HS, league and CS. People prefer familiarity over anything else. I love LoR to bits and i think it's kinda better than HS but even that didn't "kill" HS. So a marvel game that'll probably be as cash grabby as HS if not more is definitely not "killing" anything

  17. lowkey the art looks gross and have 0 interest

  18. For a person like me that played highlander decks in Magic and misses control and attrition strategies in modern Hearthstone, this idea of a game sounds horrible. I dont want simultanious turns and small deck sizes! I want long and tense games going back and forth.

  19. Bruh it looks so good, I’m praying it’s more like runeterra tho sorry hs fans.

    Honestly, regardless of whether it appeals to the existing fan base for card games, it’s gna make bank. It’s marvel, it has very customisable characters since they’re so bold (which is why marvel makes so much money), and it’s probably much more appealing to people who want a quick buzz without having to think too hard. I think it well outrank hs in profit massively but it probably won’t steal their niche

  20. You need to stop trying to make this game the "hearthstone killer." All that matters is if its good

  21. So uh simultaneous turns being new? Has nobody heard of infinity wars on Steam before, or is it because that one's a TCG rather than a CCG? Or at least calls itself as such?

  22. Who cares about hearthstone (or any other TCG) if you can just play MTG lol

  23. This game can't kill Hearthstone, I'd rather play The Bazaar. So, once that comes out in 30 years, I'll be playing that, not Clash Royale, which is how much of a card game this looks like.

  24. Yes Brode looks great! And yes I'm only interested because he is involved.

  25. I hate when something comes along that is based purely on the concept that PC is dead and people only care about their phones. I literally don't even use a phone. My wife has a smart phone, we use it for phone calls and texts. We don't find any enjoyment whatsoever playing a game on a 6 inch screen. Probably never will, yet everyone everywhere expects people to only use a phone all the time. I don't think it makes you a 100 years old to want to keep your games on a PC big screen.

  26. Guys i have a very important question: How a Ben Brode's game can kill anything? as far as i know he is responsible for at least some of "fun" solitaire decks and for almost all of "crazy and fun" random effect cards, so i see NO CHANCE AT ALL any game designed by him to kill anything except itself.

  27. It's just Cards, The Universe, and Everything with a marvel skin.

  28. In no way should anyone have looked at this project and though "hey, this is the hearthstone killer."

  29. Nah. Almost no game can compete with the atmosphere and perfection of Hearthstone as a card game. Game developers think that they can just copy a game or make a better one but thats not that easy. The only game that had a chance in my opinion was Duelyst it was like a deck builder chess. In my opinion to make the best card game first game companies should make an AI that balances out everything by playing thousands of matches with different builds and strategies. Because when you have a 1000 cards you can't think through all that. But an AI can. And on top of that make game mechanics only real people can understand.

  30. I can already tell that this won't be a "hearthstone killer" I just don't think it reaches the same audience. Not to say it'll be a bad game, but I just don't think a majority of the hearthstone audience will want to migrate to this game.

    The setting, pace, and play style of the game is too vastly different for it to have much of an overlap with specifically the hearthstone audience. Like for instance I personally prefer a medieval fantasy setting over a more Sci-fi comic style hero setting. Which is part of the reason I was drawn to hearthstone.

  31. i agree with most of this video. However about not liking to view is might be also because we know zero of the mechanics which makes it chaotic to view if you know what i mean.
    But we will see i hope it will be really good

  32. yeeeeeeeeeees even less attention span encouragement.

  33. The way the game seems to work reminds me so much of a faster, constructed version of Smash Up

  34. Ben Brode killed Hearthstone while he was the game director

  35. It's the killer of all CCG's in my opinion. And i'm a big Legends of Runeterra and Hearthstone fan.

  36. So i played it, its not even close to feeling like hearthstone, and its not a killer, its ok

  37. Marvel snap isn't interesting to me. Too basic needs more advance mechanics

  38. I find Marvel to be a turn off. It looks nice but don't see it being on the top. Nice to see Ben Brode though

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