Win UNO every time! 😱 #shorts -

Win UNO every time! 😱 #shorts

Joel M
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Never play cards with a magician! #shorts


  1. Yo who wants to play uno with me im a master

  2. If the guy without the +4 goes first he wins automatically

  3. I love how there is a tangible representation of the "no u" response. Ironic how it shares the same letters as "UNO".

  4. Bro you can't trick me i am also magican it's bottom lift it's simple and a false shuffle and dynmo false shuffle 😂

  5. see when he shuffles the cards it changes colour

  6. I call that practicing 😂 nice skills btw.

  7. I can only see blue and green cards when shuffling the cards

  8. The “bad pile” had all ones. Even if you had all the draw four cards in the world, that wouldn’t stop him if y’all was stacking 😂

  9. The one deck is better Becuase you could put all the 1 down at once

  10. New this is called magic 😱😱😮😮😱😱

  11. Well we can play cards with magician
    The prove: we can play at✨ phone ✨

  12. I can clearly see that card is not suffled

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