Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/5/21) | MLB Highlights - c4gamingstudio.com

Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card Game Highlights (10/5/21) | MLB Highlights

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Yankees vs. Red Sox AL Wild Card full game highlights from 10/5/21.

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  1. Jomboy complaining and crying on stream was the best moment.

  2. 4:45 Pretty sure almost every Red Sox fan knew Cole would get lit up, dude has gotten lit up basically every time he's pitched at Fenway.

  3. Three homer game for Stanton in I'm guessing most other ballparks. Possibly the most unforgiving we've ever seen the Green Monster.

  4. Fenway is the most ridiculous excuse for a stadium in baseball. Arbitrarily high left field wall totally determines the outcomes of games. Like this one.

  5. Green Monster was the Sox’s MVP yet again

  6. New England Revolution fan here, just wanted to say that the place looked electrifying! Is it always like that for a Boston – Yankee game??? Always wanted to go to a game lol

  7. Keep rollin beantown bashers!! Love my Redsox!!

  8. Congrats to Red Sox as a baseball fan, I want Sale to overcome his postseason struggle

  9. just for you could know the red Sox was cheating I can't stand them


  11. I need answers and a Explanation 1:41 why doesn’t that hit count as a home run… when other Stadiums walls are so low ??? When In other stadiums that hit would count as a home run ??

  12. I love watching Red Sox disappoint the Yankees 😁😁😁😁

  13. All that money the Yankees gave to Cole, and he came up small in the biggest game of their season.

  14. The Yankees lose, thhhhhhhhheeeeeee Yankees lose.

  15. Stanton not running was pathetic. I was at the game and his first hit was a wall-ball all the way. Could definitely tell he missed it. Should have been at 2nd. And if he ran on his second hit (which is a home run at every other ballpark so I’ll cut him some slack there), he could have at least baited a throw to 2nd instead of Judge being thrown out at home.

  16. stros vs red sox instead of the yankees sounds fun

  17. rizzo got Eovaldi's number. but Eovaldi was on fire

  18. Always love it when the Yankees lose, (even more special with Odor in the Yankees roster 😏) I’m Jays fan but if Jays not in post season I watch and support Bo Sox, wouldn’t do that for Bruins, Celtics or Pats maybe because Henry owns my Soccer team 🤔 I think Bo Sox can win it again this year, tho will have to beat very good Astros and Dodgers teams but they r playing good baseball ⚾️ and could well do it!

  19. I remember when this was an epic rivalry. It doesn’t feel the same anymore the crowds seem to be filled with lame liberals now too.

  20. 1 week later …. CHOCKERS!!!!! coming from a Astros fan 😁😎

  21. MLB hosting super spreader events. Where's the outrage.

  22. 2021 AL Wild Card Game

    Red Sox def. Yankees 6-2!!! ⚾

    At the Bottom of the 1st Inning, Xander Bogaerts #2 (SS) belted a 2-Run Home Run Shot and at the Bottom of the 3rd Inning, Kyle Schwarber #18 (LF) crushes a Solo Home Run Blast and at the Bottom of the 6th Inning, Alex Verdugo #99 (OF) crushes an RBI Double and at the Bottom of the 7th Inning, Alex Verdugo #99 (OF) once again…crushes a 2-Run Single this time to make the Red Sox secure a 6-2 winning game victory over the New York Yankees!!!!!! ⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾⚾

    Red Sox advances to the ALDS to face the Tampa Bay Rays!!!!

  23. For Stanton to not run out that ball off the monster is pathetic

  24. As a life long yankee fan I’m sick of them being this rich kid team get back to the middle class yanks where you didn’t have to be rich to go to a game

  25. Yankees can always trade for who they want or pay they will always lose

  26. They gotta lower that wall way to unfair cause that was home run and Yankees would of won with thay momentum

  27. Red Sox went deep in the Postseason only to lose to the Astros in the ALCS

  28. As a Mets fan greatest site I’ll ever see

  29. Carlos Miranda
    Carlo malandra vamos a la gran época

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