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YGOTAS Episode 27 – She Blinded Me With Card Games – LittleKuriboh

Little Kuriboh
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NOTE – This video may contain transphobic, homophobic, sexist, or other types of humor or dialogue that no longer represent how I, the creator of this video, wish to present my works. At the time I thought of it as “harmless jokes” but it is clear the damage that has been done by such dismissive and toxic writing on my part. I apologize for it, as there is no real excuse for using it.

An anime parody created by LittleKuriboh. This is an episode of a comedy using footage from YGO featuring such characters as Yugi, Yami, Kaiba, Joey, etc.


  1. How did I not know Rick rolling was a thing 12 years ago?

  2. What’s the music joey is running to in the alley? It’s so familiar but I can’t work it out!

  3. "I haven't been this mad since they made heavy DDR a submod"
    Jesse, what the fuck are you talking about?


  5. Screw 5ds screw xyz screw the new yugioh… and screw you jaden….

  6. I was trying to figure out why she was calling her Daddy but then I forgot she was blind lmfaoo

  7. 5:23 It would've been funnier if Tristan was singing the Yu-gi-oh 5D's opening as he just made that reference to them.

  8. Watching these in 2022. Still in love.

  9. LOL 2009 ANd this shit is predicting the future

    not tristan with theme music

  11. "Help! I'm being chased by warehouses!"
    That's so stupid and funny af at the same time xD

  12. Wow this episode in particular is such a wonderful time capsule of late-2000's memes

  13. I think the aroma strategy from skanety slut slut proves you don't need eyesight to play a children's card game

  14. I can't believe Jordan Peterson Exodia'd Joey

  15. Looks like nobody gives a crap about Serinity in this show except for Tristan xD

  16. Oh my god those lazer collection cameos had me HOWLING

  17. Now LK has come around to liking 5Ds, the pot-shots he took at it all these years ago are especially funny.

  18. This video is 12 years old and people are still Rick rolling today

  19. The DQ8 town theme was a pleasant surprise

  20. The adult swim references are plentiful throughout this series.

  21. Help!
    Help your grandfather Yugi.
    Why won't anyone help?

  22. You know what’s sad, the fact that when you make regular Marik laugh he sounds like mandark from Dexter’s lab.

  23. Whats the techno song playing when joey is running down the alley?
    Always wondered.

  24. Season 1: Tristan doesn't know about sex…
    Season 2: He wants sex with Serenity

  25. 2:25 what is that music? I can't remember where I've heard it.

  26. Why there hasn’t been any new episodes? Tristen finally made good on his treat. 😉

  27. Didn't expect to be rickrolled in 2022

  28. I really did not expect a Lola Rennt reference

  29. I admit one thing I never really liked about this abridged episode is how LK handled the whole "oh Serenity actually didn't get the operation and Joey spent her money on card games". Like I get exaggerating the character for comedy and having him do off things but honestly especially now that Serenity is a character it felt wrong for them to still push that as a gag and honestly makes Joey look too general douchey even for a parody series. I much prefer how Joey actually is treated smarter and given more awareness now in the abridged series and isn't portrayed as this total of a jerk anymore.

  30. Now it's 2022 and we have POKEMON BATTLES ON MOTORCYCLES!

  31. oh god you made a homophobic humor dialogue in this…

  32. Did Tea just imply a Legend of Zelda reference is obscure

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