You Don't Need a Graphics Card! -

You Don’t Need a Graphics Card!

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We’re back with a hands-on review of the most widely available cloud gaming services to help get you through the great GPU shortage of 2021

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Cloud gaming? I live in a rural area, our internet is barely good enough for multiplayer

  2. $30 water bottle lol trash like your videos why do people subscribe? My dog had more talent in his paw. I in fact am now dumber now had watched this video

  3. Stopped watching when he didnt use the Igpu instead.

  4. at current situation im so happy with my gtx 1050Ti

  5. I have enough of that waterbotter advertisment. where can i buy it in europe?

  6. Did he really just rip a graphics card out of the motherboard like that, then threw it on the floor

  7. Not me over here with a 1660 I got for $100 from a friend.

  8. It’s almost like Sony wants you to actually buy a PlayStation to use Now 🙄

  9. I wish I could supplement my graphics card with my processor sometimes. I will be running some games and pushing 90%+ GPU usage and still only 40% CPU usage. My 3080 will be full blast and my i9 wasting time.

  10. Lol
    Linus: don't buy GPU use cloud gaming
    GeForce now :you need a GeForce 600 series

  11. I love you channel Linus how do you afford all this I am mobile gamer

  12. I don't really see much difference between store prices and 'scalper' prices. The GPU's are in stock.

  13. What a great idea. Let's all move to cloud services, surely that will move the market back toward reasonably priced GPUs. Surely the people in power won't try to keep everyone dependent on them forever and never let them own anything again. It's not like that's a stated goal "You will own nothing, and you'll be happy". I know, that's crazy though of course. There are reasonable explanations for all these shortages, and it's not a calculated move. It's just a coincidence that everything is moving toward not owning anything and that we just witnessed the largest upward wealth transfer in human history. Just a coincidence. Don't pay attention to anyone saying it's coordinated. Just keep your head down and build a new PC or play a video game or something.

  14. ayo netlimiter 4 is BETTER than glasswire 😏😏

  15. I think shadow will also be great for people who wanna use Linux, but still need windows for some programs and games, so they can just use Linux on their main PC, and launch shadow for Photoshop etc, but they don't have to set up Firefox, Spotify etc on the VM, BC they can just Tab out use their Linux PC and tab back into shadow.

  16. I might compare the classic PowerVR by nec GPU to most of the recent modern GPU such as nvidia gtx or rtx series.
    See if max frame rate capture at 200p or unlimited is faster like sonic or shadow or silver the hedgehog and smoothly too or not.
    (Had to make new redo comment though)
    (edit: now i am home but i will explain the GPU cards are not worth it because some graphics card had its limitation but it cannot go even more power than that hardware in your computer but the problem is it's not even fast enough it was stuck at usual 30 fps or 25 fps. yikes!)

  17. need to consider the fact that linus has gigabit internet where as the average person does not

  18. I like the real thing not the cheap fake look a like .

  19. I don't have video.
    This comment was made by computer terminal gang.
    This cooment was made by linux gang

  20. did I just watched a click bait ?? lol

  21. I applied for GeForceNow 3 years back and it's still not available where I live.

  22. Yeah.. Why wasting Money in GPU?
    I will set up RGB lights with the money.🙄

  23. i dont have graphics card but my tv is have graphics card and my mainboard have HDMI I connect HDMI to tv and is works! 😂 this is very epic

  24. Meh, I prefer to play games without relying on wifi

  25. GPU CPU gross that's disgusting what's wrong with you people I don't get it processors and and video processors I don't want to processor I want a director I want to a person who directs for me not processing things who wants it for computer with a processor in it or video card you don't need those forget all that this turn on your TV and and stuff

  26. He’s starts out by bullying his staff to agree with him at all cost about the quality of the game. Just imaging how he treats his staff behind closed doors. If you have a boss that operates like this you are going to kiss his ass at all cost to stay employed by him. Sad he does this to everyone he’s brings on the set of his builds or anything he’s doing live. I know I’m not the only one that think he asks like this. Don’t get me wrong he’s really a bright kid and I mean kid because he’s still a kid at heart doing kid things.

  27. Sorry Linus but please get it right.. I've been able to switch PS Now resolution to 1080p on the PC in the settings since 2019, and all games always worked for me, with low latency.

  28. I personnaly build a pc as norma but using my old gpu until i find a good price.😄

  29. "You do not need a graphics card!"

    Me: Ha ha, I do not care, I still have one and I will use it no matter what.

  30. I was getting my hopes up about him potentially talking about how APU's are actually pretty powerful all on their own if you have a decent one.

    Guess I'll look elsewhere…

  31. How do you fix a graphics card that has broken soket

  32. Did you play stadia via a stream/mirror method or by using the new 4k chromecast that downloads Stadia app and streams it directly from there?
    By using a device and then streaming that to the monitor would have latency.

  33. This video released just one day after I bought my PC with rtx 30 series graphics card (non scalper price)

  34. the part where you were saying about PUBG that you have never seen that kind of anti aliasing , the reason for that was the depth of field mixed with bloom effect , since dof was behind the character , it has a problem with layering postprocess effects , I play pubg on ultra at 1440p and it's still hapenening even on highest settings, but its only noticeable in main menu

  35. Its not impossible to get gpu. Its just impossible to get a gpu at msrp. Plenty of rtx 3080/3090 on ebay. Just have to pay $1600-1700 for 3080 and $2600-3000 for 3090.

  36. I will save people time…cloud gaming sucks. If you want to use on say a laptop or tablet with a small screen then maybe, but it is not for me

  37. At the first, I was thinking this video was inspired by Electroboom because you plug in the HDMI wire just like plug-in something gonna explode…

  38. "You don't need a graphics card."

    Me: well too bad because I'm not getting a desktop lol (A "budget" (like really budget) G15 laptop with a GTX 1650)

  39. 4:27 what do you call this thing? that keyboard mouse combo 😀 would fit great for my racing sim setup, don't have to stand up and go for the keyboard all the time to change things

  40. Lol everyone buying r5 3400g now i scare it may gone out of stock too

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