You Don't Need a Graphics Card! -

You Don’t Need a Graphics Card!

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We’re back with a hands-on review of the most widely available cloud gaming services to help get you through the great GPU shortage of 2021

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  1. Stadia and xbox cloud gaming worked best for me during 2020 with covid until I got a new tower everything comes down to your internet speed really

  2. botton line buy a graphic card XD get the job bois! lolll

  3. Linus, or whoever wrote the grand tale at the beginning, you are loved, and made my day. Keep being awesome LMG

  4. I'm literally playing all the games I want to play on my i5-11600K with integrated graphics. To be fair I'm not playing anything insane, but I can do Age of Empires on maxed 1080p graphics, and I'm even managing Anno 1800 on medium settings. Some other games I'm playing, Rocket League, FF14 online, Heroes of Newerth, all running fine without a dedicated GPU.

  5. It's a nice try but it seems to me cloudgaming sucks properly

  6. Ya know what sucks? The ONLY way to get ur system up and running without a video card is with an intel cpu

  7. Yeeeah… fuck all this imma just keep overclocking my poor watercooled rx570… these services aren't worth it

  8. I thought he was gonna tell me to buy some top of the line mobo with integrated graphics 😅

  9. I am making a Linux computer that uses a CPU alone. I will get graphics through SSH in only text mode. Wish me luck

  10. I just don't get them due to no gaming. Transcoding is my hardest hitter and I prefer that to be CPU based.

  11. Perfect! I just made my first build yesterday and decided to wait for the gpu market to calm down so I went with intel for integrated graphics

  12. I believe, at this point, is better an used PS4 or Microsoft's equivalent and called done ✅

  13. @Linus Tech Tips — I don't do much gaming, but what I'm looking for is video editing. What would be your recommendation for me? (1920×1080 at 60fps) .

  14. First video from this channel on what i put dislike (

  15. no no no, the lag mages them unusable for any fps. I assume checkers would work well.


  17. Neverrrrrr!
    I'd use a console before that!

  18. Linus is the kinda guy who pays scalper prices.

  19. Jeez, and i was hoping for a Magyver style jerry rig deal. Now that would have been Effing awesome 😎
    You show me how to craft a gaming PC from scratch like a post apocalyptic survival game, then I will be impressed.

  20. i could see the pain when he threw the gpu

  21. Linus has a very similar voice to michael scott

  22. imagine here in Brasil this GPU prices, a RTX2060 before covid, used to cost R$1600,00. I know because i bougth one, and now it cost almos R$4000,00 imagine this prices but in Dollar, without conversion, as if u guys paying $3600,00 on a RTX2060.

  23. you need to have a gpu to display a image

  24. everyone is complaining about gpus while i just want a cpu

  25. 19:07 He can barely contain his laughter when he talks about the people who sold their graphics card :DDDDDD

  26. Got a 1060GTX and I happy with it I can play every single game

  27. After watching this vid youtube recommands me an $8000 graphics card

  28. Can we get an update on shadow now it's been partnered with a new company with a new business model ?

  29. Moral of the story, cloud gaming sucks, enjoy your $250 GTX 970's a few years longer.

  30. Computer without GPU or integrated GPU won't give output but ll work

  31. I play fortnite on my chromebook with the site

  32. If you are in a dark room heed that flash warning,

  33. I just started playing on GeForce now and it runs FC5 6 times smoother

  34. if u have a high end cpu either intel or amd with integrated graphics you will be good to go for 1080p gaming at least on medium settings.

  35. so now you have justified selling that Video card at MSRP?
    your all scalpers! :::Sarcasm::::

  36. For the time being, I'm using a Shadow remote PC. It's a bit more expensive, but I like the fact I could use my steam library on it while waiting for GPU prices to normalize.

  37. I got gift GForce Now Free acc but that not support in my country 😔

  38. I tried that configuration feature on Micro Center and they don't even have Antec chassis', WTF!

  39. POV : you're watching this 2 years after it posted and the GPU shortage still exists…..

  40. Euclideon said will give us unlimited poligons power except theyre 3d halo space witch is great I didn’t see the unlimited poligons or they may be there in unreal engine or somewhere

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