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Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Game The Chronicles | Anime Breakdown & Easter Eggs

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  1. Oh it's just Konami making more random yugioh sh-

  2. i really wouldn't mind just a few OVAs or something it'd be neat

  3. Gradius man, you can't forget about Gradius.

  4. Raye looking like the proper jailbait that she is here.

  5. Dino swordsoul or busterblader lore pls ❤ and I would watch it all

  6. A couple of other references:
    – "Dark Magical Circle" is so intrinsic to DM that I understand that you didn't mention that separately, but it's there.
    – "Maiden with Eyes of Blue" is walking through "Dragon Shrine"
    – The 4 magic circles that appear above the 4 spirit charmers references "Grand Spiritual Art – Ichirin", the charmer field spell, in addition to "Spirit Charmers" like you said
    – "Gateway of the Six" is the entrance to "Shien's Dojo"
    – The dragon "Dogmatika Fleur-de-lis" is fighting is not "Lubellion the Searing Dragon", who is the dragon form of "Aluber the Jester of Despia", but rather "Titaniklad the Ash Dragon" who is the dragon form of "Fallen of Albaz". Fleur-de-lis fighting Titaniklad is shown on "Dogmatika Punishment". Also the sight of Titaniklad falling out of the sky is "Nadir Servant"
    – "DoSolfachord Cutia" conducting the other Solfachords may be a reference to "Solfachord Symphony"

  7. I actually strongly believe that the "World Chalice" archetype has a very good chance of some sort of anime. I think they could do a lot of 1 or 2 episode animes as well using the stories given from Master Duel's campaign. In terms of more than 1-2 episodes though, again, World Chalice, and then probably "Ally of Justice" which has like 6 archetypes in its lore, maybe something involving all the different types of heroes and their roles, "Elemental", "Destiny", "Vision", "Masked", and "Evil", possibly even "Neo-Spacian". For something darker, even though it is kinda small, "Vendread" could be real interesting as well. Its all ideas and obviously just theorizing, but I'd love to see fully animated episodes around some of these archetypes and the stories they tell, episodes allowing us to see more than the 1 frame we see in a card.

  8. as the channel that got me interested in the lore of yugioh, I just had to get your take on the trailer.

  9. I was upset we didnt get anything on heroes or neo spacians.

  10. I wish they’d create an anime series based on the Spirit Charmers. The lore behind their cards is just too good.

  11. Maiden with eyes of blue, she looks like kisara above her there is a azure eyes sliver dragon top of her and I like blue-eyed archetypes and i like the ice barrier archetype 2:26 3:37

  12. For the ice barrier thing, it would have been cool if the three ice barrier monsters that were unsealing it could actually be synchroed together to make trishula. Unfortunately dai-sojo and medium are way too high level.

  13. I rather see gagagigos lore his reunion with his friend was cut short

  14. Wynn is not part of DT lore tgst was corrected in duel world masterguide 2

  15. I dont believe either for an yu gi oh Lore anime. But it would be cool to see a short film just like love death robot

  16. Gagagigo lore and pettit dragon becoming 5 God dragon is so in, their start were the charmers!!!🐊🐉🐉🐉🐉🐉🧙‍♀️🧙🧙‍♂️🧙‍♀️🔥🌬️💧🌑

    World Chalice has to be in.

  17. MIzuho and Shinai iirc are actually married or in a relationship. Shinai eventually becomes the Spirit of the Six Samurai and Mizuho becomes Hand of the Six Samurai. In fact all of them end up aging into different cards of the archetype to a more support role for the decks instead of the Main Roles. The first wave of Six Sam are actually the ones after the Legendary Six Samurai (though the Legendary Six Samurai are actually often better to use)

  18. I’d love to see some lore and love for Dragunity which is my fav archetype

  19. Maiden with eyes of blue is walking through dragon Ravine or what ever it's called

  20. GOD I want to see an anime adaptation of the World Chalice saga. Ever since I learned about these cards I have wanted this to happen. Really surprised they didn't show anything about that in this animation and mildly concerned.

  21. I would do alot of things for a lore anime it would go so hard

  22. Let everyone know this wasn't an new anime teaser, this was just an animation done by their new studio. It might happen, but it hasn't been confirmed this waa just to celebrate 25 years

  23. As an ursarctic player, i wish they animated ursarctics fighting alongside of drytrons



  25. They got the wrong color for Black Magician, gross 😂 (I know)

  26. One thing I never got the logic, or there never was any logic, is how and where (and when) each archetype exists

    OG Yugioh’s monsters were all real and existed 5000 years ago in Egypt, they were imprisoned in stone tablets, but it makes no sense for live streamers to exist “in the same world” or even extra futuristic monsters to have ever existed…

    I know, I’m suuuuuper fun at parties lol

  27. Frogger anime would be so funny and dramatic

  28. what was the point of konami making this video

  29. I hope that Konami either completely reanimate and redub GX and 5ds or just finish off the dub of both those shows because I need to have 5ds finished

  30. I think there is a good chance the anime can succeed. While yugioh is not as mainstream as LoL, Arcane has shown that even if people aren't interested in the game you can still capitalize on the lore of your IP such as with Arcane. It probably won't be as successful and mainstream as arcane, especially since Arcane was able to be found on streaming platforms and the general difference in the size of the player and fan bases they have but I do think it will still succeed unless Konami places very unrealistic expectations on it, which is entirely possible.

  31. I'd love to see a short anime film about the inner workings of Vehichroid City. Or maybe a one about the Ojama village

  32. I would love to see an Anime of Myakashi/Shiranui

  33. See I was thinking Konami may be doing an anthology series anime where one episode is for one archetype. Just a bunch of short stories.

  34. Even though it will never likely happen a yugioh duel monsters anime remake would go hard though

  35. I would like to see something like Marvel's What if where in each episode dives into each archetype lore. Then have the final two episodes have all the archetypes fight in one grand battle or something…

  36. The sky striker animation reminds me of the fate stay anime

  37. It says chronicles, that means we can have an episode per archetype. Just like in Star Wars Visions and What If Marvels.

  38. Skystrikers appearing at the end as an after-credits might imply it has the most likeliness of an anime being made for it, especially since it already has a manga. I do wish for something like an lore anime revolving around multiple archetypes not just one though 🙂

  39. I’d honestly prefer the dogmatica/branded archetype get an anime

  40. World legacy lore is gonna be so fire 🔥

  41. What Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetype Would You Like An Anime For? 😁

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