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Yu-Gi-Oh Reveals Future of Card Games

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Japan has not only revealed plans to make flying cars a reality recently, but also your oldest childhood dreams of dueling Yugioh cards in real life as close to the anime as possible. They revealed some advanced image recognition technology that enables them to easily scan current circulating Yugioh cards meaning all the cards that you’ve collected up til now from the beginning of time, will be usable in future games they make with this new tech. If all goes well, trading card games may just make its biggest comeback yet.

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  1. i want the yu-gi-oh augmented reality to come first because i wont have enough money for flying cars

  2. I hope they don't use phones, and try to make those yu-gi-oh zexal d-gazers. That would be cool.

  3. Make yu gi oh head set like yu gi oh zeaxl

  4. I want to play real duel with my friends it's really fun and cool

  5. This means that it will be more like Zexal with the AR.


  7. I almost died when I seen that Trump card that Pegasus had at the end there 😂

  8. But will I be able to draw 2 cards if I use Pot of Greed in real life?

  9. millennials4trump millennials4AlexJones says:

    I want yugioh dueling more than I want flying cars

  10. Japan is literally making kaiba Corp a reality

  11. Please Konami, PLEASE, start Yugioh over and don't go further than Synchro monsters. XYZ and the newer crap TOTALLY ruined the game. Not to mention that the animes went beyond horrible…

  12. So skylanders battle cast but with Yu-Gi-Oh

    Sorry had to put it out there

  13. So… Robotics;Notes was ahead of it's time… Got it!

  14. Next thing they're going to come out with duel disks with that same tech

  15. The only way yugioh could ever become great again, is if they ditch everything that came after 5ds. Xyz and the newer crap totally destroyed the came. Like if you agree. Lets try to beat some sence into Konami.

  16. They should team up with Elon Musk so we get actual duel disks so that we can keep ourselves entertained on our way to mars

  17. No flying car pls……I can see people just fucken dying. Dropping from the sky like a rock. Most people can't drive, now fly!!!…….fuck that. And plus computer have error too.
    A new update will kill you or hacker will. ψ(`∇…
    WHAT power source will it need ????? Battery ( ´_ゝ`)
    It's 2018 no battery power car can get you from CA to New York. come back to earth lol

  18. A new yugioh double D's with fly death traps…..like in; male cars that look like female cars

  19. I wonder if the next yugioh video game will on Nintendo switch,I'll bet it will be based on the vrains series

  20. I wanna fly cars and play yughio vr in the sky

  21. Its All fun until someone send u to the shadow realm..

  22. I mean we could invent Hologram tech without a phone or VR that's just as good as in the anime

  23. Real Duel Disks like in YGO… And a Duel Academy (like in GX)… That would be my dream 😍

  24. I want to play card games…..ON FLYING CARS!!!!

  25. Ye that's cool and all but how about

  26. flying cars are way over due. unlike yugioh ar…

  27. Why would we need flying cars, it's pointless. We could have had them by 2000 but most people realize that it was a stupid idea and would just lead to air traffic issues with planes.

    Japanese people are some of the most naive people in the world

  28. VR headset attached to electronic duel disk and able to use any Yu-Gi-Oh card ever made even while in a card sleeve.

  29. I sold my cards like 10 years ago, would be cool to get into it again!

  30. everyone:it's cool!!!
    me:nah, give me a smart AI to play with it, i'm hate plalying with other persons because, everyone gonna otk/ftk me.

  31. I'm all ready for the irl duelist kingdom, got my invitation cards ready and just waiting for someone to try stealing souls

  32. How about duel disks with holowgrams that shock if you lose life points with high-tech 3d 1eye glass to see life points and more

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